Valentine gift has to be perfect for the lady in your life.

If you are out of ideas and uncertain as to what to get her, in this gift guide, we will supply you with 6 different gift ideas that are sure to wow your lady when she sees what you have gotten her. And what’s more, you don’t have to worry about how to get them even if you don’t live in the USA and the vendor doesn’t ship to your part of the world.

Whether you will be shipping to Europe, shipping to Canada, India, China, or any part of the world, VykingShip forwarding service will have you covered.

Eyebrow Pencil

gift idea

Virtually every woman on the planet engages in makeup to a certain extent. That is why this is a great idea for a valentine gift. There is a very low probability of you getting it wrong. This eyebrow pencil by L’Oreal Paris is a waterproof pencil that has been tested by ophthalmologists to ensure its suitability and safety. With this, your wife or girlfriend can easily achieve whatever look she desires. Imagine her joy when you present her with this on valentine’s day.

By the way, we love nordstrom and hence we enjoy recommending gift ideas from Nordstrom, our next items are all from there…


gift idea from Nordstrom

One of the best Valentine gift a husband can present his wife on valentine’s day is this Flora Underwire bra by Natori (also another gift idea from Nordstrom) Not only is it a beautiful thing to behold, it is also quite light and comfortable. And while your wife will be the one wearing it, rest assured that this is a gift you both will appreciate, if you know what we mean. What’s more? You can choose from three different colors, depending on your wife or girlfriend’s preference. It comes highly recommended.

Hair Dryer

gift idea from Nordstrom

One of the reasons why women take so long getting ready in the morning is their hair, which they not only have to de-tangle, but also smoothen out. This Revlon hair dryer brush is a great gift idea from Nordstrom. It is a fast and very effective get the hair job done, with end result that your lady will save several precious hours every morning, whether it’s work she has to head to, or something else. And that is why we recommend it as a gift idea for you to get.

Wrist Watch

gift idea from Nordstrom

This is a stylish looking wristwatch that is sure to give your lady a boost in confidence when she wears it. Apart from looking, and feeling like an accessory for a strong and confident woman, it is also quite durable and strong. What’s more, it is light and will hardly constitute a nuisance to your lady when she wears it. Finally, despite all its pros, it is quite affordable when compared with other wristwatches in the same category. All of these are why we recommend this Rebecca Minkoff leather strap watch, indeed a great Valentine gift idea from Nordstrom


gift idea from Nordstrom

Available in four different colors, this is a high-quality, fashionable handbag crafted by Italian artisans. It features a logo print on one side, and a modified gingham on the other side. This is a gift that your lady will surely fawn over. However, this MCM reversible shopper will cost you a pretty good sum of money, although the love and admiration your lady will dole out on you when you present it is more than enough motivation splash on it.

Stud Earrings

Valentine gift idea from Nordstrom

The final gift idea we have for you is this Pave zirconia stud earrings by Nordstrom. It is a timeless piece that can be rocked by every woman and at every time. It is a handcrafted piece. It is light, which means that your wife will find it easy to use. This particular piece is very effective for uplifting your wife’s spirits. Watch her sparkle when she wears them, be it early in the morning or late in the evening.

Valentine’s day is the day to demonstrate to our partners how much we love them. And which better way to do so than to pick thoughtful gifts for them. We just listed 6 ideas which we hope will help you woo your wife or girlfriend again. If you want to internationally ship these items to India, Canada, China, or any part of the world outside of the USA, VykingShip forwarding service will be able to do this for you. The best part is the numerous benefits you get as part of the free USA address when you sign up.

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