Ready to spruce up your social media and/or photography portfolio? Investing in a drone might be the new creative avenue you’re looking for! Whether its for some selfies on Instagram, an action video, or even just for a beginner skill, we have the best drone suggestions from various brands in the market for you.

Still Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who’s just starting, working with these best drones will get you the amazing quality you need for your still photography products.

Parrot Anafi FPV

  • Price – $799
  • Dimensions – 240 x 175 x 65mm
  • Weight – 310g
  • Video Resolution – 4K (30fps)
  • Camera Resolution – 21MP
  • Flight Time – 25 minutes
  • Max Transmission Range – 4km
  • Max Speed – 55kph/35mph

The Anafi FPV is an excellent drone for photography, providing exceptional quality images.

Your photography techniques will be exemplified with the drone’s  features such as its automatic take-off, landing, GPS-based return-to-home, and a 180 degree vertical rotating gimbal.

With a great built frame, the drone can be easily operated due to its well-built folding controller with a hinged phone-grip. However, the gimbal is only powered on two axes and relies on software to handle sharp turns as it does not have anti-collision sensors. On the other hand, the gimbal can be turned all the way up for an unobstructed angle as well as including a zoom feature which is quite unheard of.

Another potential downside is that are some charged in-app features. Considered an alternative to the DJI Mavic Mini, this fold-able and portable drone is praised for its quality and travel-friendly characteristics. Additionally, the drone offers an immersive experience with its FPV goggles which enables users to fly the drone from a first-person perspective.

You can purchase this drone from:
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DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

  • Price – $1,599
  • Dimensions – 350 x 350mm
  • Weight – 1375g
  • Video Resolution – 4K (60fps)
  • Camera Resolution – 20MP
  • Flight Time –  25 minutes
  • Max Transmission Range – 7km
  • Max Speed – 72kph/44.7mph

The Phantom is a revolutionary product, and the latest model continues bringing in new technologies and designs. Though quite bulky, the drone is able to withstand adverse weather conditions and wind. The redesigned props are now quieter during flight and the OcuSync radio makes 1080p video possible on monitors. The drone also features gimbal stabilization, the ability to take long-distance pictures, can track subjects, has a large image sensor, is able to sense obstacles in five directions, and numerous other flying features and camera controls. Overall, this classically designed drone is one of the best for professional photographers.

You can purchase this drone from:
B&H Photo 

ProVision PowerEgg X Wizard

  • Price – $1249
  • Dimensions – 427mm (diagonal)
  • Weight – 860g
  • Video Resolution – 4K (60fps)
  • Camera Resolution – 12MP
  • Flight Time – Approximately 30 minutes
  • Max Transmission Range – 6km
  • Max Speed – 65kph/40mph

If you’re shooting something that involves water, this drone might be perfect for you. With waterproof legs for the water landing mode and a secure waterproof casing for the camera, this drone can provide epic water-based photography by being able to land on water or fly in the rain. This drone has many other multi-functional attributes. It can be used as a drone and a hand-held or tripod-mounted camcorder, making it a versatile product. It consists of a range of A.I. tools, such as subject tracking, and obstacle avoidance. While the camera does not have the biggest sensor, it has a great frame-rate and the camcorder mode is a nice option to have, especially with the audio-sync recording option. The drone is also adaptable as the arms are detachable. Another unique characteristic is that this drone is the first drone that can pick up sound.

You can purchase this drone from:
B&H Photo 

Action/Video – Follow Me Drones

If your photography  mainly consists of action, sports, and lots of movement, flying a Follow Me drone will ensure you captivating videos to display the crisp action sequences effortlessly.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

  • Price – $499 to $999
  • Dimensions – 250 mm x 460 mm
  • Weight – 1500g
  • Video Resolution – Camera not included
  • Camera Resolution – Camera not included
  • Flight Time –  25 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 1.6 km
  • Max Speed – 89kph/55mph

Considered the world’s first smart drone, this intelligently programmed drone is designed for GoPros. Powered by two twin computers, this enables the drone to have accurate angle, distance, and perspective changes while still in flight. This will give your video shoot more smooth transitions, movements, and details. Flying the drone itself it considered quite easy, even if it is your first time flying a drone. This is all thanks to their video game style controller that contains intuitive controls. Some of their control modes include the Follow Me, Orbit, Cable Cam, and Selfie. This drone is also known for flying extremely fast and can capture your action shots with no problem.

You can purchase this drone from:

Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless FPV Quadcopter

  • Price – $219
  • Dimensions – 218 x 218 x 70 mm
  • Weight – 410 g
  • Video Resolution – 1080P
  • Camera Resolution – 1920 * 1080P
  • Flight Time – 20 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 0.4 km
  • Max Speed – 72kph/45mph

If you’re a bit on the budget for follow me drones, this more affordable option might be the one for you. It comes equipped with a 1080p FPV HD camera guaranteed to give you stunning pictures and videos. The FPV remote controller has a 5.8G wireless real time video transmission and a 4.3” LCD. It’s built-in GPS allows the drone to follow a subject around. Synced in through six satellites and a six-axis gyro, this enables the drone to follow the subject as steadily as possible. Additionally, each motor is made with durable technology and the self-tightening props ensure a better flight. Unfortunately, the drone does not have obstacle evidence. However, the automatic return to home function is a great plus and when you opt for headless mode, the controls are set to one direction based on the current path of the drone.

You can purchase this drone from:

AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

  • Price – $695
  • Dimensions – 635 x 635 x 152 mm
  • Weight – 1860g
  • Video Resolution – Camera Not Included
  • Camera Resolution – Camera Not Included
  • Flight Time – 18 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 3.5 km
  • Max Speed – 68kph/42mph

If you’re looking for a drone to accurately follow you around while you’re partaking in an action sport, this drone might be the one for you! With a Follow Terrain feature, this drone is able to follow you up and down in altitude which is a unique characteristic for this drone. This is great for downhill sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Additionally, if you want to step it up and water-ski or surf, this drone’s waterproof control will come in handy. The wrist controller is waterproof enabling you to use it while you’re in water. Plus, it has a long-range Bluetooth connectivity and a wind resistance for air currents having speed of up to 14 meters per second. The drone does not come with a camera, but it is compatible with GoPro cameras. It is also foldable for easy travel.

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Yuneec Typhoon H

  • Price – $899
  • Dimensions –520 x 457 x 310  mm
  • Weight – 1950 g
  • Video Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Camera Resolution – 12 MP
  • Flight Time – 25 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 1.6 km
  • Max Speed – 70 kph/44 mph

This drone is a great Follow Me drone due to its 8 different smart flight modes. This ensures that it won’t just follow you effectively, but will let you pick how you want it to follow you! It can orbit you in circles, fly out to take a selfie and fly back, and much more. In addition to the Orbit Me and Journey modes, there is also Point of Interest, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me/Watch Me, and Dynamic Return to Home modes. This drone is also considered a great DJI Phantom 4 alternative. Other amazing qualities of this drone include a full 360-degree anti-vibration gimbal, a 5 Rotor Fail-Safe, and a GPS stabilized flight control. Plus, with each of its six foldable arms, this drone can be compact and convenient for travel.

You can purchase this drone from:
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Vertigo Drones


New to photography and/or the world of drones? That’s no problem! Check out some of the more beginner-friendly and low-budget drones that will help you develop your skills and still produce amazing quality products.

Ryze Tello

  • Price – $99
  • Dimensions – 98 x 93 x 41 mm
  • Weight – 80g
  • Video Resolution – 720p
  • Camera Resolution – 5MP
  • Flight Time – 13 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 0.1 km
  • Max Speed – 29 kph/18 mph

This is a great low-budget and compact drone perfect for beginners. Because of this, you can even use it indoors! While the drone does rely on a phone to fly, it does have straight-to-phone saving which is perfect for quick social media posts. It is also a great way to start learning coding, as the drone is programmable. You can code in Scratch and then upload your own modes and flight characteristics. This will allow you to practice flying a drone. Some modes will let you record 360-degree videos and the software can allow you to implement swipe-directed flips. While the drone cannot tilt the camera and has a short range of 100m, it still has a great bargain price for the features it offers, including having the flight tech by DJI.

You can purchase this drone from:
B&H Photo 

Holy Stone HS100 Navigator

  • Price – $199
  • Dimensions – 429 x 429x 175 mm
  • Weight – 700g
  • Video Resolution – 2K
  • Camera Resolution – 1080P
  • Flight Time – 15 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 0.6 km
  • Max Speed – 40kph/25mph

This drone is designed to introduce aerial photography and flying to novices. If you’ve never flown a drone before, the video game styled controller is specifically designed to make this experience easier for you. It has the standard Altitude hold, Headless mode, and a one-key take-off and landing button on the transmitter, and a GPS precise positioning, making it easier for beginner fliers to keep the drone steady throughout. The drone has features that can be found in other expensive drones such as the Follow Me mode and the Auto Return Home home. The camera has a 120-degree field of view and 90-degree adjustable angle, ensuring that you will be able to capture quality footage or stills, all while being able to experiment with different perspectives. The drone is also suitable for VS or first-person view goggles. Unlike other drones, it can also stream FPV video to your smartphone within the entire distance of the range. 

You can purchase this drone from:
Holy Stone

DJI Mavic Mini

  • Price – $399
  • Dimensions – 245 x 290 x 55 mm
  • Weight – 249 g
  • Video Resolution – 2.7k (30fps)
  • Camera Resolution – 12MP
  • Flight Time – 30 min
  • Max Transmission Range – 4 km
  • Max Speed – 47 kph/29 mph

This extremely portable drone is ideal for people who are new to drones and/or looking for minimal fuss as the drone is registration-free in the U.S., UK, Canada, China, and more. It is also easy to fly with its manual controls. While the drone does not have 4K video like its bigger products, it does have a 3-axis camera stabilization gimbal. This ensures smooth footage that is vlogger and instagrammer friendly. With features such as QuickShots (pre-programmed selfie-friendly clips), it is quick to learn and the resolution does not get in the way of online sharing.

You can purchase this drone from:
B&H Photo 

Are you now ready to upgrade your photography skills with some of the best rated drones listed above? Make your purchase, or request us at Vyking Ship to shop for you, and watch how our staff ensures the delivery of your purchase(s) to your destination with our low international shipping rates!

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