Buying makeup and cosmetics can be tricky.

Why? becaue very soon questions such as which concealer is the best, or which foundation works best for you will crop up. What’s more, making these choices get even harder considering the sheer volume of makeup brands out there. Which is why we have done the hard work of researching the makeup and cosmetics that women just can’t do without. It bears mentioning that no matter the shipping method you are comfortable with, and whether or not the seller of the makeup delivers to your country, you can rely on forwarding company, to get your product to you.

MAKE Bronzing Bricks

MAKE is a cosmetics brand that doesn’t need any introduction.

They are a well known brand for producing and delivering quality products to their customers and Bronzing Bricks is no exception. It is a talc-free bronzer that comes in three different shades. These shades are Joshua Tree, Marfa, and Taos with each being named for the location that inspired them, which are based in California, Texas, and New Mexico respectively. What’s more, it can be used for contouring as well, just like you would use your best cream contour.

We think its a solid investment if you’re looking for a bronzer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette

Get in here, ladies! Have you ever swiped on an eye-shadow which just didn’t register and show up?

Well, this eyeshadow palette is exactly the opposite. It is the result of a collaboration by cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills and beauty influencer Jackie Aina, and we assure you that you will absolutely love it.

The palette has a wide range of eyeshadows, 14 in total, with which you can achieve any look you desire, whether matte or metallic. What’s more, you can also create your own custom color by mixing those present in the palette.

Marc Jacobs Finish Line Setting Powder

When your makeup is all done, you need a setting powder to keep it all in place and perfect for the time you will be wearing it. And you can hardly do better than the Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder by Marc Jacobs.

This product will, apart from set your makeup with a soft-matte finish for about eight hours, also perfect your complexion. This will help ensure you look fresh while you wear the makeup.

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

Two essentials of every woman’s makeup kit are the lipstick and the lip gloss. The Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour, however, is something of a blend of these two, thereby allowing you to achieve both the hydration that a lip gloss affords you, while also enhancing the color of your lip.

This hydrating nude lipstick should be a mainstay of your makeup kit.

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

Benefit’s cosmetics is a line that has always garnered praise from its users, and this product, the They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara is a good example of why that is so.

It perfectly performs everything that is required of a good mascara: lengthening, curling, volumizing, lifting, and separating, with the end result that you, the user, seemingly sprout lashes magically.

Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops

Another essential product in your makeup kit is a highlighter. And to fill that void, we have chosen the Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops.

There are several reasons why this liquid highlighter is our highlighter of choice. These reasons include the fact that it is light, highly pigmented and blends perfectly with your foundation. Apart from this, the fluid drop is also suitable for use as a shimmery eyeshadow, an illumination brush, and as a bronzer.

In all, it is a great product for dictating your glow.

We have carefully chosen the products in this list following due research and we can confidently say that they are some of the best being sold today, manufactured by some of the best brands around. And as we have mentioned, you can forwarding almost everything with Vyking Ship, whether you are considering shipping from USA to Japan, shipping from USA to Germany or USA to Russia… Vyking Ship has got your back!