Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and price over the last few years. In addition to buying them, people can obtain bitcoin and cryptocurrency by having a computer run a program that helps produce blocks of information for the currency’s blockchain, which is mainly used for transaction records. This process results in the computer being awarded with a small amount of the currency, which is known as mining.

There are many methods to mining, and different price points at which you can create your own setup to begin mining. Read on to see the best ways to acquire hardware for your bitcoin mining setup!

For the average consumer looking to get into the world of bitcoin mining, your best is to mine Ethereum, which is designed to be best mined by computer graphics cards (also known as GPUs). If you’re not able to purchase these in your country, you can receive them at Vyking Ship and forward them on to you. Here are a couple of websites we’d recommend if you’re in the market to buy graphics cards:


buy cryptocurrency mining hardware

Newegg is a longstanding retailer of all computer parts. Their stock sells quickly for newer products as they are usually the first to get them, however for products that have been released over a year ago are likely to be in stock, with very competitive pricing.


Amazon is also a good place to find all computer parts, including graphics cards that are brand new.  However, these cards are typically more expensive due to the high demand of the product, but this option is available if you need it immediately.


Ebay is another great option for graphics cards and any other parts you may need. Used parts typically sell for much cheaper and some sellers test their used items to make sure they work properly.

PC Part Picker

buy cryptocurrency mining hardware

Additionally, if you have a specific card in mind, you can look on the manufacturer’s website, as they usually have some stock they sell directly. We also would recommend using PC Part Picker, which allows you to select the parts you are looking for and will show you the cheapest store to buy it from.

If you’re interested in the higher end of cryptocurrency mining, the best currency to mine would be Bitcoin, which has recently skyrocketed in price. However, mining Bitcoin for the average consumer has become near-impossible due to the groups of mining operating on a massive scale. Graphics cards alone are no longer recommended for mining Bitcoin, due to the creation of specialized computers that are only used to mine Bitcoin, known as ASICs. These machines are custom made and are very expensive, so we’d recommend staying away from mining Bitcoin and using ASICs  unless you are already an experienced miner.

If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrency mining and the kind of profits that you can make, check out Kryptex’s list of GPUs for mining to see what is best for you. They also have a mining calculator to help you get a better estimate of profitability by accounting for power bill costs.

Should you decide to buy a graphics card or other computer parts for cryptocurrency mining hardware and have them sent through Vyking Ship, you can rest easy. Our team knows the value and fragility of these products, and our facility is secured and monitored so your items will be protected!

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