The Pokémon Trading Card Game and Magic: The Gathering are two trading card games that have experienced a surge in popularity in the last decade. Supply can be hard to find as these cards typically appreciate in value over the years: some of the rarest cards have recently sold for over $200,000 USD!

Are you looking to start or further build a collection? Here are our recommendations for websites you can take advantage of as a Vyking Ship customer:


TCGPlayer is a great one stop shop for nearly all of the popular trading card games. It is best used for purchasing single cards instead of booster packs or boxes, and works in a similar fashion to eBay: just search for the card you’re looking for, and TCGPlayer will show you all available listings for the card. Just pick a price that works for you and add it to your cart. Because TCGPlayer has thousands of individual sellers, they will have almost any card you are looking for!

Star City Games

Star City Games is one of the largest and oldest sellers specifically devoted to selling Magic: The Gathering. They boast a very large collection of cards and sealed products, both new and old. If you can name a card, they likely have it in stock. If you’re looking to purchase many different singles, Star City Games is a great option as everything ships from one location. You’ll receive everything much quicker than buying it from eBay or TCGPlayer, as cards could be coming in from different locations throughout the US.


ChannelFireball is functionally identical to Star City Games: everything ships from one location and they are also a store that has been open for many years and has a massive collection for Magic: The Gathering. They have also recently entered the Pokémon market, and they’re growing that collection every day.


People looking to buy cards typically do not think of Amazon as a place to buy them: however they offer some of the most competitive pricing for new sealed product. If you’re looking to purchase new booster boxes and bundles for Magic: The Gathering, or booster boxes and elite trainer boxes for Pokémon, Amazon is a very underrated option.

The Pokémon Center

If you’re looking to buy Pokémon sealed product direct from the source, you can always order from the Pokémon Center. They are usually the fastest to offer new sealed product and offer unique accessories like card sleeves and deck boxes that you can’t find anywhere else. You can also buy other Pokémon merchandise, like clothing, plushies, and more.

The Vyking Ship team has a lot of experience with collectibles: we understand that these items can be very expensive and great care must be taken to preserve their condition. Cards and collectibles are safe in Vyking Ship’s hands: our warehouse has inside surveillance so your items are constantly monitored, and great care is always taken when consolidating packages, not to mention it also saves you a great deal on international shipping.

If you’re looking to buy and shop collectibles in the US, there’s no better option than Vyking Ship!

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