What are Funkos?

Funkos are collectibles fun for all ages. Once thought to be only a passing fad, the wide variety and ever-increasing demand suggest otherwise. The creator of Funkos is Mike Becker, who wanted to make memorabilia toys that brought out a sense of nostalgia. One of the first made was the Big Boy mascot! There are some rare Funkos including Batman in blue metallic, Star Wars holographic glow in the dark Darth Maul, and the Disney Store Lotso. Ready to buy Funkos?

These can be the perfect gift for a nostalgic collector or family member with a favorite character!

Where to Buy Funkos?

If you are interested in buying some from online here are some trustworthy sites below:

Funkos Official

Funko.com is ground zero for any and all Funkos. They offer pre-orders, special events, upcoming Funko releases, and more. They offer Pop!, Dorbz, Vinyl, etc. You can sign up and keep up with the latest of anything Funko! Prices range depending on the items character and brand.

Pop In A Box

PopInABox.us has a wide range of Funkos. From movies, sports, and exclusives, they have everything. Prices as low as $10 to $50 per Funko. If you want a site that lives and breathes Funkos this is it.

Deep Discount

DeepDiscount.com sells Funkos at an affordable price. Instead of paying $20 they will reduce it to $10, or from $12 to $4, etc. Reviews do say that this is a reputable site, but they can take a while to ship. So if you want something cheaper and have time to wait, go here!

Hot Topic

HotTopic has a great range of Funkos. The selection of Funkos seems more limited than the previous sites listed, but they do offer a number of Hot Topic exclusives. They do bundle Funkos three for $27 or sell individuals for $12.50, and they have keychain Funkos! Hot Topic is also a well established U.S. store with a history of alternative styles and products.

Entertainment Earth 

EntertainmentEarth.com has dozens of different Funkos and other types of collectibles. They have Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funkos! They make shopping on their website easy! Prices are affordable and customers have had an excellent experience with this site!

Clark Toy

Clarktoys.com offers a moderate range of Funkos but a much more extensive selection of sports related Funkos than most other sites. Some Funkos here can be a little more expensive for but still within affordable range and, according to a number of reviews, customers here have enjoyed their services!

Box Lunch 

Boxlunch.com has a limited variety of Funko figures, but Box Lunch does have a number of Funko Exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else. Box Lunch makes up for the limited variety with fun collectible Funko pins, keychains, bags, etc. Prices tend to be on the cheaper side when compared to most online sites. This is a young site that was created by Hot Topic Inc. in 2015.


Walgreens.com has a limited variety of Funkos, but they do offer exclusives in the highly sought after Star Wars and Marvel universes. Prices are affordable if you have a tight budget but want something you can’t find elsewhere!


Walmart.com has a large range of Funkos, exclusives, and more! You can get a Funko Pop figure with a t-shirt to match, Funko plushies, Funko sets, etc. You can get that Funko exclusive for yourself and Funko plush for your niece/nephew! Prices can range from affordable to expensive.


Target.com has Funkos exclusives, and FunkoVerses! FunkoVerses are Funko board games with different characters and themes fun for all ages! They have Funko mugs, dinnerware, and Funko racing cars! Prices are affordable to expensive depending on what you want.


eBay.com has an endless variety of Funkos, exclusives, vaulted Funkos… basically everything! You can customize your search for any Funko whether opened, unopened, original, no packaging, etc. Prices will be cheaper than all the other sites plus they have all the rare ones as well!

Do you buy Funkos? Do you have a favorite site or shop we don’t have listed? Please let us know, and we can add it to our list.

Needing to Ship Funkos Worldwide?

Nothing worse than receiving your package and the contents being damaged and wishing you knew sooner, we can help with that! Many of the merchants in the USA selling Funkos either don’t ship worldwide or pack the Funkos into boxes intended for domestic shipping. This can lead to many Funkos being damaged in transit and ruining their collectible value. Use Vyking Ship

Use Vyking Ship

At Vyking Ship we offer a range of services from adding extra protection or safely combining many Funko purchases into one new box that will safely hold and transport them all. We offer many benefits and services to take photos of the items in your packages to help you identify errors or damage before you pay to get them shipped to you.

In our consolidation service we combine many packages into one box, helping you save a ton of money on postage if you want to purchase from multiple different sellers while you build your collection.

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