While Cotton fabrics are best to wear in Indonesia because of their rainy season, we’ll be touching other items which are not clothes.

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Essential Clothes for Rainy Season

Be it the monsoon season or any coastal area, if you have rains, you need the right gear. This can mean rain boots, rain jacket, waterproof bag, lightweight pants, waterproof shoes, something to repel those awful mosquito clan, hot tea, socks, some indoor activities and generally a decent umbrella!

And, that’s where we will begin…

Umbrella – Buy at Amazon

umbrella for rains

The umbrella is one of the most effective items for protecting yourself in a rainy season or a downpour. While there are different types of umbrellas, they are not all appropriate for the same situations. For instance, some umbrellas will do a poor job of protecting you in a 20-miles-per-hour wind. In such cases, you should get a strong and windproof umbrella. A good example of this is the Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrella, which is made using nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs among others.

Raincoat and Trench Coats – Buy at Amazon


Not so long ago, the only type of raincoat available were plastic ponchos. Today, however, they exist in other forms: foldable rain jacket and belted trench coats. And the best part is, apart from being effective and functional, they are also fashionable.

Before you purchase this item, look for one with a large hood and a relatively big size. The reason for this is so you can stay comfortable in the clothes you wear underneath and experience increased warmth. Also, ensure they are lightweight and made of durable materials. Finally, look out for features such as taped seams or DWR (durable water repellent) finish for enhanced protection.

Footwear – Buy at Amazon


While it may be tempting to wear slippers during a rainy weather, do not give in. This is because they provide little protection and grip and are, thus, prone to slipping. By the way, that is not an endorsement of bulky rain boots as they can be tenuous to lift. Instead, we recommend leather, vinyl, rubber shoes, or other types of waterproof shoes in a heavy rain.

If you must wear rain boots, we recommend either a rubber waterproof rain boots or a waterproof hiking boot. While the hiking boot has more grip than the rubber variant, both will keep your feet warm and dry.

This is monsoon essentials people… so people of India, take notes also.

Quick-drying Clothes – Buy at Amazon

If you have to travel out of town, even for a night, ensure you pack quick-drying clothes, like shirts and tights. And since these items are made from lightweight materials, carrying them along shouldn’t constitute a problem. With these clothes, you can guarantee your dryness and warmth at every time, even when you get caught on a rainy day.

Pants – Buy at Amazon

rainpants Clothes for rainy season means pants as well. Like rain jackets and trench coats, rain pants offer important protection from rain. They function by keeping the lower body dry warm and dry, thus preventing hypothermia. Although effective, these items can be troublesome to carry, especially if you have a raincoat that reaches your knees. (In this situation, opt for gaiters instead of full rain pants.)

And even if you can do without them when there is not much cold, they are essential during much colder weather.

Gaiters – Buy at Moosejaw

gaiters for rain

Gaiters are coverings for legs and boots designed to protect them from wet weather, brambles and brushes. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and effective for a rainy season.

Note: Gaiters are more effective when you wear raincoat that reach the knee as they cover only the legs.

Head Coverings – Buy at Amazon

Many raincoat have hoods that prevent rain from getting in your face. Sadly, these hoods may fall in your face when they get wet. To prevent this, you can wear nylon ball caps beneath the hood to provide necessary support.

In you don’t like those, you can wear full brimmed hats, too. They also offer great protection from the rain as their wide brim can deflect it from your face, hence keeping your head and visibility high.

Unfortunately, wind can be a hindrance to this hat type as it can lift them off your head. To protect against this, look for a hat with a chinstrap.

Waterproof Backpacks – Buy at Amazon

waterproof backpacks

Now that you are well-covered and protected from the rain, you should consider protecting your belongings, too. For instance, your phone should have a waterproof pouch and straps that enable you protect your other gadgets. Additionally, your larger gadgets like laptops should have waterproof cases.

You can also use ziplocks, dry sacks, and other waterproof backpack.

By the way, we recommend you always have an extra waterproof cover or reusable plastic bag. This will enable you to keep other items from getting wet.

Did we talk about socks, because these are an important item when buying clothesfor rainy season… or well, winter actually.


If you have these essential clothes for rainy season that we mentioned above, you can keep yourself nice and dry during a downpour, even heavy and windy ones. Whether you are going home from work, hiking, or taking a walk, ensure you are always prepared.

Getting caught in a torrential downpour is a miserable experience. Apart from the fact that it is a major inconvenience when you have wet clothes, it can also put your health at risk.

Finally, remember we provide USA shipping service to Indonesia and therefore shipping clothes via us is tax free to contact us for all your shipping needs.

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