Vyking Ship USA Account is free for life. Just signup.

But why? What are the uses of a Vyking Ship USA account?

Customers can purchase what they want from US merchants and get them shipped internationally. Now think… with the power of a free Vyking Ship USA shipping address, you can become an eBay seller and ship from eBay. Use Amazon.com and start shipping to Brazil, start shipping to the UK, keep shipping to India and enjoy shipping to Puerto Rico.

But beyond this, there is so much more you can do with a Vyking Ship USA account.

Best Uses of Vyking Ship USA Account

Having a Vyking Ship USA address means you can start a local business, ship internationally from it, earn a side income etc. So lets look at everything in a bit more detail from saving money to shippig method, express return shipping to how to estimate shipping costs and from shipping weight to what is fuel surcharge.

Shop USA Sales & Ship Internationally

holiday sales shopping calendar for Vyking Ship USA

Several people want to shop USA sales and discounts but they don’t because the shipping is not possible.

Vyking Ship has no API or software update, Just buy what you want from USA stores and ship to Vyking Ship USA address. From here we will forward to your destination. Its that easy.

Shipping to Australia, shipping to Canada, shipping to China, or shipping to Europe, its all possible now!

Don’t know which USA Sales to shop from? Check our Shopping Calendar!

Use Vyking Ship USA Account as a Small Scale Fulfillment Center

You could purchase a large box, or pallet, of items and then have us ship items to your customers for you. This can be a side-hustle for you or a mainstream income source.

You can setup as many additional shipping addresses as you need to sell to customers domestically and internationally using our Vyking Ship USA address.

This is a great way to start a business of reselling or dropshipping. Just look up how to buy on eBay and how to sell on eBay – and begin your new reselling journey.

Spread Word About Vyking Ship USA Account & Earn

Vyking Ship USA Referral Program

If you have a large audience we can discuss some changes to our referral program to reward your efforts of spreading word about Vyking Ship USA address in a different way. Our only request is that you try our service first so that you can honestly recommend us and that you describe our services accurately.

We have a referra program that give $5 to new signups towards their first shipment. And you get a certain portion of their used services in your account. Once a user is affiliated with you, you earn a recurring amount every time they use our extra services.

Start a Job Locally As a Personal Shopper Using Vyking Ship USA Account

In many areas where our services are offered, there are obstacles to using Vyking Ship. Lack of Internet, lack of credit cards (cash only areas), or translation issues.

For individuals who cannot use our services themselves, but wish to buy things from websites, you could act as the purchaser for them.

This is commonly known as a Personal Shopper service, Purchase Assistance or Buy for Me.

You could charge a little extra to cover your efforts and shipping. If you can get enough orders together at once, you could consolidate all of the orders saving even more money.

Magazine & Letter Forwarding from Vyking Ship USA Account

Say you have a letter coming in from a company and they only mail in USA. Just send them your free Vyking Ship USA address along with your special suite number and your dashboard will show the letter as a new package.

Vyking Ship allows magazine and letters to come in. They can forward your mail, magazine, documents, even bank statements, and credit cards, etc. The only glitch is that they are not allowed to open the envelope. And hence, you don’t need to fill form 1583.

This 1583 Form is a requirement if envelop is opened.

So for now, you Vyking Ship USA address can receive mail but we are only allowed to consolidate and/or forward them to you. We are unable to open your mail (letter items) and scan or otherwise process the contents. If you still wish to know more, look at our FAQ or simply search on internet for USPS Form 1583.

What other creative uses and ideas do you have? We would love to add them to our list, just make sure they are legal and can be replicated. Email your suggestions to support@vykingship.com.