Are you new to Vyking Ship? Here’s our full guide on how you can use your Vyking Ship dashboard for for shipping out your parcels.

Receiving Packages in Vyking Ship

When we receive packages at our warehouse, we match the name and suite number (your account number) on the package to each customer. This makes it very important that all purchases you make are correctly addressed to with your name and suite number.

Use the address format in the email you received to verify your email account, or you can find it when you log into your account and click on the “My Warehouse” link in the upper right of your Vyking Ship dashboard.

After we have entered a package into your account, you will receive an email from us alerting you to its arrival. If you fail to get these emails, check your Spam folder.

Click on the email message and you will be presented with the details of the package so you can determine which package it is in case that you have multiple packages coming.

Now you can log into your Vyking Ship dashboard account and see these details and a picture (provided for free) of the package that just arrived. This package, and any others, can be found by clicking on the “My Packages” option.

Vyking Ship dashboard

Customs Declaration in Vyking Ship Dashboard

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill out a Customs Declaration form. Your have two options here: fill out the form by clicking on “Customs Declaration” or you can have us do it for you by selecting “Additional Processing.” We charge a fee for this. Until the Customs Declaration is completed, you will not be able to select that package for consolidation or choose a shipping method for it.

If you choose to fill out the Customs Declaration form yourself, it’s quite easy. After clicking on the first circle you will be taken to our simplified Customs Declaration form (shown below):

First choose whether the contents of the package are Merchandise, Documents, or Gifts.

After that, start entering the descriptions of each item in the box. We recommend being descriptive enough that someone reading it will know what it is. The more vague the description the more likely Customs is to open your package and investigate. For example, a bad description would be only typing “shirt”. A good description is “black cotton men’s casual wear shirt”.

If you are having a hard time thinking of descriptive words, you can enter words describing the size, color, purpose, material, model number, brand and so on.

After you’ve described the items, you will put the value per item and the total amount of items that match that description. In the example above, if you had five Black Cotton Men’s Shirts of different sizes, you could combine them together into one line and maybe add “Size S-XXL” to the description.

Add extra lines if needed or delete some if not. Once you are finished with all of the items inside, click the “Save” button and you are done!

Also, the “Upload” option allows you to add documents for our use. For example, if you want us to check the contents and complete the Customs Declaration you may need to upload an invoice if one isn’t provided.

If you decide not to fill out the Customs Declaration yourself, you can always pay us to do it for you. There is one added benefit to paying us to do it; we will also check to make sure the contents inside the box match the invoice or packing slip included. This can be a lifesaver if the merchant left an item out by accident or put the wrong item in. If we find a discrepancy, we will notify you. If there is no invoice or packing slip in the box, we will fill out the Customs Declaration with the description of the items included in the box and any prices we find on them. If there are no prices on the items, we will search for these items online and use a price that is consistent with other prices we see online.

Again, you’ll need to select “Additional Processing” on the My Packages page. Once you’ve selected that option, check the box for “Complete Customs Declaration” and click “Submit”.

Processing Packages

Our Vyking Ship dashboard will show you how you can next proceed with expediting the process!

Once you click “Submit” you will find our Expedited Processing Plus option becomes available.

If you select “Yes”, your processing request will be guaranteed to be started within 2 business hours or the Expedited Processing Request will be completed for free. If you select “No”, your processing request will be guaranteed to be started within 16 business hours or it will be completed for free.

Once you select either option, you will be taken back to the “My Packages” page and the “Additional Processing” button for that package will now change to a “Pending Processing” button.

If you need to change or remove any of the processing that you selected, click on the “Pending Processing” button and you will find the “Edit” and “Cancel” buttons. If you edit the processing request, it will reset the timer by which the processing is to be started.

After your processing has been completed by Vyking Ship staff, you will receive an email regarding the processing order.

Inside the email you will be given a description of what was done, and if something could not be completed, why it could not be completed.

Now, looking back at your “My Packages” page, you will find that the package’s processing has now been completed. In our example, the Consolidation and Shipping options are now available for this package and the total processing fees due for the package are displayed at the bottom of the individual package frame. To request additional processing for an individual package, select “Additional Processing” again and select any additional services.

Consolidation & Repackaging

In your Vyking Ship dashboard, to request that two or more packages be consolidated you will need to do the following:

  • First, make sure all packages that you want to be consolidated have completed Customs Declarations. Once packages have been consolidated together, the “Complete Customs Declarations” option will no longer be available.
  • Second, click the small box in the upper right hand corner of each package you wish to add to the consolidation. Then click “Consolidate Selected Packages”. If you try to include a package with an incomplete Customs Declaration, you will get an error.
  • Third, you will need to fill out the Consolidation request screen with the important details of how you would like us to consolidate your packages.

The top part will give you a list of your packages and ask which packaging option you want for each one.

If you would like us to remove any of the retail packaging (such as shoe boxes), please utilize the Customized Instructions field found at the bottom of the consolidation request window.

The next section asks you how you would like to ship this consolidated package and where it will be going to. These options are necessary so that we know what is the maximum size of box that we can use.

The last section (and you will need to scroll down), offers you two optional processing services. The first will have us remove all of the price tags and invoices from all packages in the consolidation. The second option is our catch-all. With the Customized Instructions you are able to type in whatever instructions you want to give us. This is ideal for things that we do not have a request for.

The price for this starts at $3.50 but depending on the difficulty and time required to complete your request, it may be more. If it is to be more, we will put your request or consolidation on hold and ask you first if you want to pay the extra amount to have it done or if you would like to cancel or modify the Customized Request – we will never charge you for something without you first knowing what it will cost.

Finally, when you are happy with your selections, click the “Consolidate” button at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to add Expedited Processing Plus or not to this package. After you make your choice, you will be done and our staff will get to your Consolidation request in the order that it was placed – sooner if it has Expedited Processing Plus.

We hope you can now navigate your way around Vyking Ship dashboard! You can also see our full list of charges and prices.

April 15th, 2022: At this time, all of the carriers we send packages through have suspended service to Russia and Ukraine. We will update this as service availability changes, but we do not have any information as to when these suspensions will be lifted. We will work with all customers affected by these suspensions.

The USPS has also suspended most services to New Zealand. Packages sent through USPS or USPS through Asendia to New Zealand can only ship via Express.

USPS service to Australia has also been limited. If you are shipping through USPS or Asendia, you must select Express, First Class, or World Tracked.

Any payments received for shipping options that are not available will be refunded, and the package will be re-entered into your Vyking Ship account.

Please contact us if you have any questions. For a list of USPS service suspensions, please visit their website: