6PM is an online e-commerce store that sells a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. If you know and approve of the retail shoe giant Zappos, then you will certainly love 6PM. After all, it is a discount retail division that belongs to the same brand.

We think its a fantastic place to shop because of several reasons and while we’ll list them below for you, our ultimate aim here is to convince you to shop from 6pm because its the best place to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories.

6PM prides itself on providing exceptional yet affordable deals to its customers. The store has a diverse range of products for every member of the family. There are thousands of styles on offer from both well-established and new brands. What’s more? Every item they sell is authentic.

6PM should be your first port of call when you are looking to buy apparel for your family members. If you are looking to buy gifts for a friend, lover, sibling, or spouse, the store is a great place to get them. And, this is why we at Vyking Ship love them.

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So back to 6PM!

Not only do they have almost everything in great variety but when our customers shop from them and deliver to our warehouse for forwarding further, there is no sales tax on clothes incurred to them.

6PM’s Big Advantage: Variety

Probably the biggest weapon in 6PM’s arsenal is its variety. The store offers thousands of new, fashionable styles from brands big and small to every household member. No matter your size, shape, or height, you can rest assured that there is something for you on 6PM. The following are examples of how varied 6PM’s offerings are:


no sales tax

6PM has a vast number of footwears for men, women, and kids.

For women, there are heels, flats, boots, sneakers, sandals, clogs & mules, loafers, oxfords, and many more. Just as the type of footwears vary, so do the prices; they can range from $3.99 to well over $100.

There is a similar trend where men’s footwear is concerned. There are sneakers, oxfords, boots, sandals, crocs, loafers, and many more on offer. The prices fall between $3.99 and $200.

Kids, both boys, and girls are not left out. They also enjoy a similar variety of shoes and pricing as adults do. However, the prices of their footwear mostly fall between $20 and $100.


no sales tax on clothes

Like it is with footwear, 6PM also offers a vast number of clothing for men, women, and children.

Women looking for shirts & tops, swimwear, coats & outerwear, dresses, pants, jeans, and so on can find them on 6PM with prices just as diverse as the options.

There is a similar range of options available for men and children, and a similar range of pricing too.


Yes, bags!

We love their bag category because like others, we keep needing duffel, totes and even luggage!

6pm is cool enough to have these and backpacks, handbags, wallets and gym bags as well, yes, of course for men, women and kids, all.


6PM’s offerings do not stop at clothing and shoes alone; they also have a wide array of accessories on offer. Whether you are looking to buy jewelry, hats, sunglasses, watches, or belts, 6PM has something you will love. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman; there is something for everyone. You will even find accessories for kids – there are kid-sized gloves and scarves, among other things.

Things to Know About 6PM

There are several perks to patronizing 6PM. Some of them have already been broached and are further examined in detail below.

The Store’s UI and UX

The 6PM user interface is simple, straightforward, and also elegant. It contains a lot of images, interspersed with words where necessary. This makes it easy to navigate since it isn’t jumbled up with words.

The user experience is something you will also enjoy. Every link and button on the site is intuitive and self-explanatory, which means you will automatically know what they do. It loads fast, so you will not experience any frustration that typically comes with slow webpages.

In all, the website is a win on their part. Even if you do not eventually buy something after visiting – a big IF – you will still leave satisfied.

Return Policy

The store’s return policy is another reason why you should patronize them. If you purchase an item from them, you have a 60-day window to return it if you are unsatisfied.

You should know that the standard return window is 30 days, which you can extend to 60 days by placing a call through or chatting with the store’s Customer Service.

If you are returning an item, ensure it is unworn and that it still has its security tag (if it was shipped with one). It is also essential that the merchandise is in the same condition as you received it.

If these criteria are met, you will be given a refund in the original method of payment. Sometimes, people prefer to exchange a returned item for another; however, 6PM does not offer that option.

It bears mentioning that the store will not take responsibility for return shipping fees.

You can contact the store’s customer service at 1.888.676.2660. If you will instead send an email, the address is cs@6pm.com. Customer service runs between 6am and 8pm, so make sure to call within that period if you have a problem.

Payment Methods

6PM accepts a wide range of payment methods. Whether you are using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, the store does not discriminate and will process your payment all the same.

If you would rather pay cash, the brand also maintains a physical outlet in Shepherdsville, KY.

Mobile Applications

6PM has mobile applications with the same functionalities as the website.

Our smartphones have come to shape how we go about our day to day businesses, and mobile applications play a significant role. They are more accessible than websites and make transacting businesses a lot easier. These, and more, are why 6PM’s mobile application is a feather in its cap.

Using the mobile application is, in some ways, better than using the website. For instance, it makes notifications easier to send which means that customers can easily know when there is an available promo.

You can download their iOS App, Android App as well as Amazon App.

Clearance and Sales

At any time during the year, 6PM has ongoing sales and clearances.

This means you always have a chance to save on your purchases, and as such, can buy more with less. These promos range from free shipping of merchandise to as much as 25% discount off selected merchandise.

And, with a quick and easy checkout process that ensures if you ship to Vyking Ship there will be no sales tax on clothes, then it sweetens the deal even more!

eGift Cards

6pm offers you to gift people eGift Cards!

Now you see… why we love 6pm and want you to take a look at their store as well?!

You can gift someone an amount ranging between $10 and $1000. Simple use the form and add to cart and checkout!

Bonus Perk: No Sales Tax on Clothes with Vyking Ship

If you decide to shop from 6pm for clothes shopping such as jeans, jackets, sweaters, shirt, pants, socks, caps, scarves and even shoes… and then use our parcel forwarding service to ship to your dear ones anywhere in the world, well, you will not get hit by sales tax.

See in the USA almost every state has taxes, but not our Vyking Ship warehouse. Well – we have taxes but there is no sales tax on clothes and apparel in our state. And, this is why we want you to know about 6pm and all its fantastic variety.

Final Thoughts

In all, 6PM is a store that you will love to use. In fact, prepare to forsake other stores just for this one store. The store’s customer-centered practices make it the favorite of many people. It receives so much patronage that most of its merchandise sells out fast. Fair warning, if you find something you like, do not hesitate to snatch it up.

Now that you’ve fully understood the advantages and perks of 6pm, it’s time to hop on to the website and do some online shopping! And if you’re planning on having these items shipped internationally, don’t forget to signup with Vyking Ship to take advantage of our no sales tax on clothes and apparel shopping!

You can learn more about our Purchase Assistance program where we shop on your behalf, and also read up on how Vying Ship works if you’re new to parcel forwarding.

Before signing off from here, why don’t you check out our blog and bookmark the sales shopping calendar gift guide so you can take advantage of discounts in USA all year round.

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The USPS has also suspended most services to New Zealand. Packages sent through USPS or USPS through Asendia to New Zealand can only ship via Express.

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Any payments received for shipping options that are not available will be refunded, and the package will be re-entered into your Vyking Ship account.

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