Vinyl records have experienced a massive resurgence in popularity in the last few years. In 2020, Vinyl surpassed CDs in sales, and that trend has continued through 2021.

As a result of this new-found popularity, more and more artists are having their music pressed onto vinyl, and many stores are offering a large catalog of records online.

Regardless of of genre; classics, blues, rock, pop, country or soundtrack, you are sure to find Vinyls easily.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity that sale days offer, below is a list of the biggest sale days in the USA and the best products to buy when they happen.

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Now back to shopping Vinyls!

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Here are our recommendations for all your vinyls:

Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music is the largest independent music store in the world. They also sell movies and movie/music merchandise, but they are mainly known for their expansive list of new and used music, sound on both CD and Vinyl, from the eclectic to the mainstream. Amoeba offers free shipping in the US, so you can save money on costs while also supporting the brick-and-mortar record stores!

Tower Records

Tower Records is a former record store that returned as an online-only store in late 2020. Similar to Amoeba, Tower boasts a large catalog of albums, on both CD and Vinyl, and plenty of merchandise from various artists.

Many retail stores are now offering huge selections of vinyl as well:

Barnes and Noble

In addition to their books, Barnes and Noble has sold records for many years. With pressings excluse to their stores, rare and collectible editions and more, Barnes and Noble is sure to have something that meets your needs.


Target has turned into one of the largest sellers of vinyl in recent years. Target stays up to date with the newest releases, but they are best known for their hundreds of Target-exclusive pressings on different colors of vinyl, of records both old and new. If you haven’t looked at their selection already, you should definitely check it out. They also offer free shipping on any order over $35.


Walmart is currently growing their vinyl collection, but they still offer a respectable amount of records online. Vinyls purchased directly from Walmart are usually very competitively priced, and shipping is free for orders over $35. In addition to Walmart’s selection of records, there are many third-party sellers listed on their website for even more variety!


It should come as no surprise that the world’s largest online retailer also sells vinyls. Much like Target, Amazon offers a huge selection of Vinyls, both old and new, and they offer many exclusive pressings that can’t be found anywhere else. Many of these records are also sold directly by Amazon, meaning you get free shipping if you already have an Amazon Prime account.

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