The year is 2023 and the gender equality movement has progressed incredibly well, especially in recent years. It has achieved such growth that women now own and head multi-million dollars businesses in countries around the world.

This year on International Womens Day, we will be taking a look at some women led businesses in the United States which sell products but ship within USA only. So we will be focusing on the women entrepreneurs behind these businesses and their rather disruptive products they sell and how you can buy them and receive these products anywhere in the world.

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Women Led Businesses in the North America

Below is a list of some top women led businesses solely in the USA. Read how you can purchase these products and ship to whereever you want. Read on to find out.

Sara Blakely, Spanx

spanx women led business

Founded by Sara Blakely in 2000, Spanx is an American underwear company that sells high-quality underwear for both men and women. It focuses on creating comfortable, well-fitting underwear that helps women to feel their best at all times. Examples of these include shaping briefs, pantyhose, and leggings. They also include clothing, maternity clothes, sportswear, and quality men’s underwear.

How Did Spanx Come to Be?

Sara Blakely, the business owner came up with the idea for Spanx when she needed an underwear that gives a slimming effect under a pair of pants. Unable to find any, she cut up her pantyhose. Then, she took steps to develop the idea by conducting research and developing a hosiery concept.


Spanx sells a wide range of products ranging from underwear, like bra and panties, to clothing, leggings, shapewear, and more.


Spanx ships to USA and Canada only, and this is where we at Vyking Ship can help. We are a forwarding company which you can use if you want to buy from Spanx and want their items delivered to a country outside of USA and Canada. We ship parcels all over the world and we can do the same for you.

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Caquina Beauty, Zareen & Tashfeen

Caquina Beauty, Zareen & Tashfeen - Womens Day

Caquina Beauty is a luxury skincare brand founded by two sisters, Zareen A and Tashfeen N. The brand produces and sells high-quality beauty products that are guaranteed to improve your skin.

Caquina Beauty steers clear of toxic materials during production. It combines ancient beauty secrets with modern-day science to produce well sought after products.

How Did Caquina Beauty Come to Be?

In August 2018, Tashfeen and Zareen were discussing all the secret totkay their grandmother gave the latter while growing up. It was during this discussion that the idea for the brand came to them. Immediately, they decided it would be named Sakina Beauty.

The following month, Vanessa, Zareen’s daughter proposed that Sakina be written in French. And this led them to change the name from Sakina to Caquina.

After a year of rigorous testing, samplings, and formulations, Caquina Beauty launched its first products – Nur and Power Nap.


Caquina Beauty has several skincare products on sale. Examples are Nur, Phool Proof, Pure Lav, Sundaze, Power Nap, and others.


Caquina Beauty ships to the UAE, United States and Pakistan only. If you want to ship outside these two countries, you need to hire a package forwarding company. We recommend you try us, Vyking Ship.

Kate Somerville, Kate Somerville Skincare

Kate Somerville Skincare

Kate Sommerville Skincare is a high-performing skincare brand that develops and sells products that effectively resolves skin concerns. It uses innovative formulations alongside certain skincare ingredients to create products that work to restore people’s confidence in their skins.

How Did Kate Somerville Skincare Come to Be?

Kate Somerville Skincare is another women led company. It was established by Kate Somerville, a paramedical esthetician. Kate had had eczema issues while growing up, which contributed, alongside other factors, to her insecurities as a young girl. It also led to her choosing esthetician as her career choice.

She enrolled in esthetician school, where she learned how to use active ingredients to ensure patients heal faster after cosmetic surgery. In 2004, she opened her first Skin Health Experts Clinic in a top cosmetic surgeon’s office. Her post-procedure care made her celebrity clients fall in love with her, thus prompting them to book appointments. This brought a bulk of Hollywood’s famous faces as well as the gossip media to her door.


Kate Somerville Skincare has numerous products, with each one offering different skincare benefits. These include hydration, anti-aging, acne removal, texture and pores improvement. Some of their products are Exfolikate® Intensive Exfoliating Cream, Exfolikate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash.


Like Spanx, Kate Somerville Skincare ships to USA and Canada only. If you reside outside these two countries, you need to forward your purchases to your home country through other methods, like Vyking Ship. We are a reliable package forwarding company that will get your packages to you without a single hiccup or hidden fee.

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Lea Von Bidder, AVA

Lea Von Bidder, AVA


Founded by 29-year-old Lea Von Bidder, AVA is a fertility tracking bracelet that helps women detect their fertility window early. It achieves this through the use of sensor technology that measures temperature and nine other physiological parameters associated with a woman’s fertility period. Thereby, it allows for a more accurate prediction of a woman’s fertility window with minimal user interference.

The company aims to bring true innovation into women’s reproductive health, using sensor technology and data science. And they are well on their way to achieving this.

How Did AVA Come to Be?

A primary motivation for developing this device was the experience of an Ava co-founder, Peter Stein, and his wife. At the time, the duo had tried different options to get pregnant unsuccessfully. This then prompted Peter, alongside Lea and two other co-founders, to develop a solution using their background in tech. It led to the development of AVA, the premier fertility tracking bracelet.


AVA sells the AVA fertility tracking bracelet alone.


AVA currently ships to the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and certain countries in the European Union. If you don’t reside in any of these countries, but still want to use AVA, you should sign up with us and we, at Vyking Ship will forward AVA to your home country.

Susie Bergquist, Salt + Umber

Susie Bergquist, Salt + Umber

Salt + Umber is a women led business that sells high-quality shoes without damaging the planet and the people that make them. These shoes are handcrafted, eco-conscious products that use minimal machinery in their creation. They also have reduced packaging and use recycled materials in their creation when possible.

The aim of Susie Bergquist, female founder of Salt + Umber, is to create footwear that are sustainable while empowering women.

How Did Salt + Umber Come to Be?

Susie Bergquist worked in a mass-market footwear agency where she served as the Director of Product Development for over a decade. This exposed her to the numerous unethical practices in manufacturing, including unethical labor, huge chemical use, planet-destroying activities, etc. It also made her think there had to be an alternative method that involves fewer damages.

Consequently, she resigned and created Salt + Umber in 2018. The knowledge from her previous position aided her in better understanding the finer aspects of the business. These include design, manufacturing, marketing, retail market, etc.


Salt + Umber offers numerous products. These include booties, mules, sandals, handwoven leather, handbags and totes, and many more.


Salt + Umber offers shipping services to locations within the United States only. If you reside outside the country, you need to use an alternative method like a package forwarding company.

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Alina Morse, Zolli Candy

Alina Morse, Zolli Candy

Founded by 14-year-old Alina Morse, Zolli Candy is an all-natural, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO candy-making company. It focuses on developing and selling candy that provides a tasty treat, protects against tooth decay, and keeps the teeth clean and fresh.

As opposed to other candy types, Zolli Candy develops all-natural, sugar-free candies alone. It uses teeth-friendly ingredients like erythritol, stevia, and xylitol. Essentially, it produces a fantastic candy taste without the damaging effects of sugar.

How Did Zolli Candy Come to Be?

When she was seven years old, Alina went with her dad to a bank. The bank teller at the bank offered her a lollipop. Her dad, however, told her to not eat candies because of the negative effects of sugar they contain. This prompted her to research whether or not healthy candies existed; but they didn’t.

After two years of extensive research and trials, Zollipops, the first Zolli Candy, was developed.


There are different types of Zolli Candy. They include Zollipops, Zolli Ball Popz, Zaffi Taffy, Zollidrops, anad Zolli Caramelz.


Zolli Candy provides shipping within USA only. If you live outside the country and want some of these teeth-cleaning delights for yourself, you need us: Vyking Ship.

The Honest Company, Jessica Alba

The Honest Company, Jessica Alba

Founded by a celebrity woman, Jessica Alba in 2011.

The Honest Company is an American consumer goods company that sells baby products like diapers. It also sells skin care, bath, and beauty products.

The company employs innovative formulas and thoughtful designs to create beauty and baby products that are completely safe and effective.

How Did The Honest Company Come to Be?

Jessica Alba, the woman entrepreneur, was inspired by the birth of her first child, Honor, and her childhood illnesses. These factors prompted her to create an alternative to baby products that use ingredients like petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. She became more determined to see her vision through when one of her mother’s baby laundry recommendations instigated a welt outbreak on her body.


The Honest Company sells different types of products, ranging from diapers to bath and body products, beauty products, gift items, clothing and others.


The Honest Company offers to ship within the USA and Canada alone. To ship outside these countries, you need to signup with a reliable package forwarding service that offers no shipping restrictions. An example of this is us… Vyking Ship.


Several women owned businesses around the world are developing in tech industry, consumer goods, sports and more.

To celebrate this feat, we have features some women business owners and their small business this International Womens Day becuase we encourage gender diversity and gender equality.

When women empowerment takes place, it helps the economy much more. We support all female business owners and their startups and women leaders.

Happy International Womens Day to you!

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