Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several companies worldwide have transitioned from working in an office building to working from home. This new system of remote working seems destined to last longer than anyone might have planned. In fact, some companies are looking to develop a fully remote working culture.

However, working from home is not without its disadvantages. One of such disadvantages is how distracting and inefficient it can be. Why is that? Because the home is primed to be as comfortable as possible and this makes it inconducive for work. Besides, if you have children or pets, they are an added source of distraction.

To avoid these distractions and enhance your remote work efficiency, you need to set up a home office. That is, a space within your residence for official business work purposes only.

When you are setting up a home office, you need to ensure it has the following qualities:

  • The right equipment
  • Isolation from your living space
  • Good and adequate lighting
  • Proper organization
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Comfortability

How to Set Up Your Home Office

When you are looking to establish your home office, there is a possibility you will acquire more resources than you need. To prevent this, we advise you to put together a checklist. In it, outline the most important office items you need to ensure optimal productivity for work from home.

Below are some of the most basic yet most important equipment every home office should have if you are unsure what these are, you can start with them.

A Sturdy and Reliable Computer System

Home office computer

Only a few, if any, of those who work from home can be productive without a computer. That is to say; you have to purchase a computer if you don’t have one.

Bear in mind that the type of computer you purchase can affect your work productivity. Therefore, choose a computer that’s suitable for your specific needs. For instance, if your work involves moving around a lot, we recommend getting a laptop. If you, however, sit at your desk to work on multiple projects at the same time, consider purchasing a desktop with multiple monitors.

Also, ensure that the software, hardware, and model of the computer you buy are ideal for your work. You wouldn’t want to get an Intel Core 2 Duo system for heavy graphics-related work.

Some really good laptops for remote work are Microsoft’s Suface line, Apple Macbooks, and we recommend Asus ZenBooks and ExpertBooks. These are some good laptops and computer systems which are equipped to be fast, lightweight and with a long battery life.

Ergonomic and Adjustable Desk

home office desk

Every office requires a desk to hold and organize all necessary equipment and work material. This includes computers, stationeries, desk lamp, etc.

However, more than having a desk, you should have an ergonomic and adjustable desk. As the name suggests, an adjustable desk is flexible; you can manipulate it to different heights. Hence, you can switch from sitting to standing at your convenience. It also helps to reduce the health issues associated with sitting at a work desk for a long period. Issues like increased risk of contracting injuries and developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Since pandemic is not planning to go away anytime soon, its best we buy a good work desk for remote working. We suggest something which is adjustable.

Comfortable Home Office Chair

home office chair

Similar to your office building, a home office requires a comfortable work chair. This is important since you will be sitting for long periods. Without a comfortable chair, you will get tired easily and not focus on your work.

Before you choose one, do your research. Ask for recommendations from friends and family in the same position as yourself. Also, check out the reviews past buyers left for these chairs to decide. We suggest something that is not too relaxing, but nothing very stiff either.

The best work chairs are those that can be pushed under the desk, so height is important. Buy a chair that has wheels, can swivel and gain height. Anything too comfotable and you might find yourself resting your head and falling asleep.

Home Office Internet

If you’re going to be productive at home, you should have access to high-speed internet. This will enable you to maintain communication with your work team members. It will also enable you to access your online accounts and the online tools necessary for home work.

Without high-speed internet, your work will very likely lag. Depending on your region, country and city, we suggest a fiber connection which has unlimited download option and a high speed bandwidth of over 30 Mbps.

Adequate Lighting

home office lighting

Good lighting in your office is essential for multiple reasons. First, it ensures you can see your work. Second, it elevates the mood and atmosphere of your workspace.

If you can, set up your home office in a room with multiple windows. This will ensure that your workspace is well lit with natural light. However, if you can’t get such a room, install warm and sufficient artificial lighting in the room. And that desk lamp, yes buy one whose neck is flexibile.

As mentioned earlier, this is a list of some of the essential items you need in your home office. Depending on what exactly you do, you might need to secure other tools to work smoothly.

However, with these items, you will have made a giant step in the right direction.

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