Are you in a rut and out of Valentine’s day gift ideas for your man this year? Do you live outside of the USA but want to gift something from the USA? Do you need cheap international shipping from USA to Australia? Or shipping to India from USA? or shipping to Indonesia?

Well, no matter where you are in the world, and where you are shopping from, if you want international shipping, Vyking Ship forwarding service can make sure the Valentines day gift reaches your loved one. That being said, the following are Valentines day gifts that the man who holds your heart is sure to appreciate.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

The most common gift is a perfect date night. But what should you give which he’ll remember you for? Should it be a box of chocolate? A gift card? Maybe a personalized gift item which you’ve read about in a gift guide somewhere?

The idea is the gift comes across as a romantic gift, now this can be wine, decadent chocolate, a leather jacket, or a simple Amazon Prime membership… which ever you pick, we have collected some of teh best Valentines day gift ideas for you.

Shaving Set

gift idea for man

If your man is the type that loves looking clean shaven, then this Sandalwood shaving set by Macy’s will definitely make his Valentines day. There are four items in the set and they are;

  • Sandalwood pre-shave oil
  • Sandalwood shaving cream
  • Sandalwood after-shave balm and
  • Shaving brush

All of these items have been designed in such a way that the user will have the perfect shave afterwards. And that is why they will make a great gift idea for your man on valentine’s day.


Valentine gift idea

Another perfect gift idea that your gentleman is sure to appreciate being given as Valentines gift is this Ralph Lauren Polo Blue spray.

Ralph Lauren is a brand known for creating classic and iconic fashion pieces and this spray is no different. If you want your guy spotting a fragrance that automatically sets him apart, then this valentines day gift idea is for you.

What’s more, he is certainly going to appreciate it.

Beard Kit

gift idea

For those whose men rock a beard, we recommend this beard kit by Bossman.

There are three different items in this package and they are; Beard conditioner cream which is a natural moisturizer that stimulates the growth of your man’s beard Jelly beard oil which moisturizes pores, while also softening facial hair. Your man can say his goodbyes to beard itching, dryness, and brittleness because of this oil.

Relaxing beard balm which does the very important job of retaining moisture, vitamins, and minerals necessary for healthy growth of your husband’s beard and mustache.

Gifting your man this kit on valentine’s day will not only help him maintain his beard for your pleasure, it will also show just how attentive and thoughtful you are to him.


gift idea with no sales tax with Vyking Ship

This pair of Adidas original shoes are also well recommended as valentine’s day gift for your man, whether alone or in conjunction with the other items already listed. It has a rubber out-sole, a stretch mesh lining, and fits the user’s feet perfectly.

We also recommend running sneakers if your guy is a runner.

And what’s more, shipping these shoes won’t constitute much of a problem because our Vyking Ship forwarding address gives you access to tax-free apparel shipping. This means that when you ship clothes to Vyking Ship address, you will not incur any taxes!

If you have question reagrding adidas shipping, you can always reach out

Wrist Watch

Valentine gift idea

Quality men’s watches around $100 are usually hard to find. However, that is not the case with this stainless-steel Michael Kors wrist watch.

If you are looking to give your man a classy, stylish, and yet affordable wrist watch as a valentines gift, you will be hard pressed to do better than this particular piece. What’s more, it is water resistant up to 100m, or 330ft and can thus be used for swimming or snorkeling.


Valentine gift idea

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is not your average, run of the mill smart watch. Like all Samsung produced gadgets, it is a masterpiece. It is useful for several purposes, including sleep tracking analysis, auto workout tracking, as well as pace coaching.

It is an amazing valentines gift idea that signifies to your man that you care about his health and fitness. Comes highly recommended as a valentine’s day gift for hubbies and special men all over the world even if it will require shipping to the UK, shipping to Mexico, or to any other part of the world.

That’s a wrap!

Each and every item on this list has been chosen with great care. Which is why we can say to a reasonable degree that they are sure to make your loved one feel cherished and treasured.

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