Vyking Ship is required to collect taxes on certain shipments (known as VAT in the UK and GST in Australia). This will change when and how you pay the taxes if your shipments are within your countries’ threshold:

UK: Item value is less than or equal to 135 GBP

AU: Item value is less than 1,000 AUD

There are no changes being made for shipments in excess of the values above. For packages whose contents are declared under these thresholds, we are now required to collect VAT or GST when these packages are shipped. We are required to collect:

UK: 20% of item value (the value in your package’s customs declaration)

AU: 10% of item value (customs declaration value)

Vyking Ship must also collect 5% of these VAT/GST charges in order to cover payment processing fees for these new charges.


These charges should be similar to what you already pay for VAT or GST when these packages reach your country. However, if you wish to understand this better, you are welcome to contact us.