Winter Clothes are special, because the season is one of the most beautiful in a year and the only one with snowfall.

Unfortunately, its beauty comes at a cost: it is an incredibly cold season. Because of this, you need to take extra measures to keep your kids warm. And an effective way of doing this is to provide them with winter clothes that will insulate them.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of top budget-friendly and gorgeous winter clothes you can rely on. Alongside this, we will make recommendations of the best ones that you can go ahead and buy.

Now if you’re wondering how you are going to buy them from the USA when you actually live in India or Indonesia, then let’s give you a quick crash-course on package forwarding.

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Now let’s get started with winter fashion shopping!

Winter Clothes for Kids

Sweatshirts and Jackets

sweatshirts and jackets kids

Sweatshirts and jackets are incredible warmth-providing outfits that feel nice and look good on the wearers. For this, you need to provide at least one or two of these outfits in their wardrobe. Generally made from fleece, sweatshirts and jackets are designed to absorb moisture from the body, with the aim of keeping you warm.

Further, they are designed to be worn on top of regular clothes, like shirts or body warmers, depending on how cold it is. Also, they are generally comfortable to wear in and around the house and to perform daily activities.

Although they are used more as workout outfit for adults, sweatshirts work for kids too. For instance, a quality sweatshirt will perform the same function as a blanket.

Our recommendations: Sienna Blanket Oversized Wearable Sweatshirt and Trespass Flint Waterproof Jacket.

Shirts and Sweaters

kids shirts and sweaters

Shirts and sweaters are a comfortable alternative to sweatshirts. The best part is, they can be easily worn as bottom layers. They are available in a range of materials, including wool, cashmere, wool and cotton mix, and others. Also, they are available in a range of colors and patterns, thus enabling you to easily find some in your kids’ favorite colors and designs.

You can combine shirts and sweaters with a number of outfits. These include jeans or winter pants for boys and jeans, skirts, or warm leggings for girls. They can also be worn beneath clothes like sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, and more.

Our recommendations: Gildan Little Cotton Sleeve T-Shirt and Children’s Place Sleeve Thermal X

Winter Coats

winter coats

In situations where sweatshirts or jackets are not enough to keep the cold out, you should turn to winter coats. This cloth type can be worn in any place or condition, regardless of how many clothing layers your child already has on. It functions by sealing in the warmth in your kids’ body and preventing the cold wind from seeping in.

Like shirts and sweaters, winter coats are produced from different materials, including wool, cotton, or wool blends. As you may expect, they are available in different colors and styles. For the latter, you will find coats with fur edge hood and ear cuffs or faux-fur collar, among others. Also, some are produced with Velcro closure, while others have buttons.

Our recommendation: Thicken Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor Coat.

Puffer Hooded Jackets

winter clothes for kids

Another winter clothes essential is the puffer hooded jacket. This outfit provides your kids with extra warmth they would otherwise lose, thereby enabling them to stay out longer. With puffer hooded jackets, you don’t have to layer your kids with many clothes to keep them warm. Therefore, if your kids don’t like wearing heavy or thick clothes that restrict their movements, the puffer hooded jacket is perfect for them.

Puffer hooded jackets are available in two major types: down and synthetic insulation. The down variant offers incredible warmth and functions effectively without many layers. It is also soft and feels lightweight as it is filled with feathers, which keep it insulated. Unfortunately, washing this jacket diminishes its insulating ability. It also clumps the feather, even after drying.

In contrast, the synthetic puffer jacket provides less insulation than down jackets. It also requires many layers of warm clothes to maintain your kids’ body temperature.

Consequently, you should get a puffer jacket based on your area and what you require of it.

Our recommendation: Amazon Essentials Heavy Weight Hooded Jackets and Zero Exposure Puffer Jacket.


winter clothes

Apart from the upper body, you also need to protect your kids’ lower body from the biting cold of winter. This includes dressing them up in warm pants, snow pants, warm leggings, rain pants, or fleece pants.

Take note that kids’ pants materials are usually similar to the ones used in winter jackets. As such, they are as comfortable as winter jackets.

Our recommendations: KEREDA Girls Winter Warm Pats, AMEBELLE Winter Elastic Sweatpants, and Sportneer Winter Youth Waterproof Pants.


winter shoes

A great way to complete your kids’ winter wardrobe is to add one or two pairs of snow or winter boots to it.

If your kids love to play outdoors, you should buy them snow boots. These boots are available in different styles and colors, such as rubber and synthetic outer body, quilted synthetic boots, or rubber boots.

While winter boots are suitable for use during winter, they are not ideal for jumping in puddles or walking in snow. Instead, they should be worn during everyday chores, outdoor plays, cycling, etc. Take note that they are not a substitute for snow boots as snow could damage them.

Our recommendations: Kamik Snobuster Toddler Winter Boot and GUBARUN Outdoor Waterproof Boots.

Gloves, Mittens, Socks

Kids do not retain as much heat as adults do. And the worst is, the slightest exposure to cold can make them sick. As a result, you need to protect every part of their body down to their hands and legs. And that is why we have included gloves, mittens, and socks as part of our recommendations.

While kids are not big fans of gloves, buying them attractive pairs will go a long way towards ensuring they wear them. This is also true for mittens and socks. So, we recommend you buy gloves, mittens, and socks with colors and patterns that your kids find attractive.

And that’s not all! Ensure that these coverings are as comfortable as they are attractive. The reason is simple: the latter makes kids put their socks, mittens, and gloves on, while the former ensures the socks, mittens, and gloves stay on.

Our recommendations: UnderArmour Heatgear Locut Socks, Unisex HyperWarm Academy Gloves, and Trespass 10 Padded Waterproof Gloves.

Head Coverings

Your kids’ head is as important as their body, hands, and feet and deserve protection from the cold, too. We recommend you buy them a head covering to provide this protection. This could be a hat, a beanie, or both.

Like other kids’ winter clothes, there are a wide range of hats and beanies in multiple designs and colors. They are also available in different materials: wool, wool blend, nylon, etc.

Irrespective of the headgear you buy, ensure that it fits your kids’ heads perfectly and runs no risk of falling from their heads.

Our recommendation: XYIYI Winter Fleece Lining Beanie.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to how you can layer your kids and keep them warm during winter. However, being thoughtful and planning it out will surely help. The most important thing to note, however, is that their entire body, hands, feet, and head are covered up.

Further, to effectively protect their body, you need to layer them up in warm, comfortable clothes. The first layer should consist of light clothes like thermals, winter shirts, tights, and leggings. The second layer should include warmer clothes like fleece jackets, sweaters, and blazers. The third layer should then consist of loose winter clothes that can accommodate the other layers, like long winter coats.

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