Privacy Policy

Your information is safe with us. We will never sell it!

We will not share your personally identifiable information with any 3rd party for marketing or sales of any kind, to include your name or any other names associated with the account, phone number, email address, Vyking Address, your personal addresses (billing and shipping) and any other shipping addresses, or any other personal information gathered through our website or through correspondence.

Personal information will only be shared with 3rd parties if we are compelled to by law or if done so in the coordination of fraud prevention efforts.

We may share with a 3rd party non-identifying information such as number of customers from certain regions or quantity of purchases from particular retailers, but we will not share any of your personal information that may identify you in any of these situations.

Given your specific spending patterns we may present you with special offers from retailers from time to time. These offers will may be in the form of a banner ad or they may be supplementary to an email sent for other reasons.

We will only discuss account details with the account holder. Other additional names on the account will not have access through our support staff to any account details. If we are contacted by an individual or company attempting to contact you for any reason, we will not take or relay any messages. We will only confirm that you have a forwarding address through our company and will confirm your suite number if needed, if any information is sought beyond that, they will be told to contact you directly.