Acceptance of these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) constitute understanding and an agreed compliance with all part of the Terms of Use. If any aspect of the Terms of Use is not understood, it is your (hereinafter “you” or “customer”) duty to contact Vyking International also known as Vyking Ship (hereinafter “Vyking” or “we”) for clarification. Failure to abide by these Terms of Use may result in the permanent closure of your account.

Vyking reserves the right to modify these terms at anytime. Vyking will inform every account holder of a change to the terms and will update the terms on the website.


Upon completing the registration of your account, Vyking will provide you with a physical address (hereinafter “Vyking Address”) to which you will have all packages sent. Upon receiving your package, we will enter it into your account and notify you of its arrival and details. The package will be available for you select from an array of processing features that you would like for us to perform. Once the customs declaration is complete and we have completed any processing you have requested, you may select the package for shipment. You will then be prompted to pay for all packages you have selected for shipment using your valid credit card or PayPal account.


  • All information provided to Vyking must be truthful and may not be presented in a misleading way.
  • Vyking’s website is for the use of our customers only and may only be used in its intended way. Attempting to circumvent our security, reverse engineer our site, upload malicious code, or otherwise attempting to gain access to other customers’ information or Vyking’s company information is strictly prohibited.
  • You may not attempt to gain access to Vyking’s financial accounts or other business accounts.
  • You may not attempt to gain access to, or prohibit use of, Vyking’s website or email accounts.
  • You may not impersonate a Vyking employee.
  • You may not use our shipping account outside of our website and without our written consent.
  • You must be 18 years or older to register an account.
  • You may not harass or threaten our customers or our employees.
  • You must abide and obey all laws of the United States governing online conduct.
  • You must abide and obey all laws of the United States governing international exports and imports.
  • You must not be a member of an organization or an individual identified by the United States as being prohibited from having packages shipped to or conducting business with or within the United States.
  • As a customer you will not represent yourself as anything other than a user of our services. Even if you are benefiting from our referral program, you shall not identify yourself as a partner, contractor, or employee of Vyking.
  • You must provide your true billing street address. Entering a forwarding address as your billing address is grounds for immediately account closure.
  • We will not approve any shipping addresses to other forwarding companies.
  • We do not recommend allowing others to use your account. But if you do permit others to do so, you as the account holder will be held responsible for their actions.

Vyking and its employees will not knowingly perform any illegal actions or services for our company or our customers.

To abide by USPS forwarding regulations, Vyking cannot allow any customers to come to any of our warehouse locations to retrieve packages. If you plan on being in the area, a cheaper domestic shipping option may be in order.

Also in accordance with USPS forwarding regulations, we cannot manage your letters that we receive. We can still consolidate and forward them to you, but we cannot open, sort, or further process any of them. Furthermore, we will not keep or retain any junk mail; all junk mail will be thrown away immediately.

If you receive a package that has damaged or missing items due to mishandling by the shipping service. You are responsible for notifying Vyking within the allotted time as designated by each shipping service. Failure to contact and supply Vyking with all of the needed information within that time period will result in a loss of claim and no reimbursement. If you receive a package that appears to be damaged, please take picture and/or video before opening it to fully document the state of the shipping box and its contents.

Once a package has been shipped, it becomes the Customer’s responsibility to supply any missing, unclear, or needed information, not included in the shipping documentation or in the package, to the customs agents in the destination country. Many countries have slightly different informational requirements than the standard requirements; Vyking will include the most common required documents and information however this will not be sufficient for all countries.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to know the value limitations that their country allows and to ensure shipments remain within those limits.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to be aware of, and acquire, any necessary import licenses or documents as required by the Customer’s home Customs.

We have zero tolerance for any kind of fraudulent use of our service.

This includes:

  • Using our service to ship fraudulently purchased items.
  • Using stolen or fraudulently obtained payment methods to pay for Vyking services or shipping.
  • Misrepresenting your Vyking Address as a business address.
  • Exception: If your use of our service is in a fulfillment capacity, your Vyking Address may be used in a capacity to accept returns. But our warehouse and your Vyking Address are to remain completely exclusive of your business.
  • Eliciting or receiving money or payments for services or goods.
  • Attempting to gain access to Vyking financial accounts or attempting to exploit our website in any way.

If we suspect an account of fraudulent activity, we will place a hold on the account and then proceed to investigate. If we determine that no fraudulent activity occurred, we will explain our suspicions and allow you to resume normal account activity. We are not liable for any perceived or actual loss due to delays encountered while an account is on hold.

If fraudulent activity is confirmed we will immediately close the account. Any packages that remain in the account will be returned to the sender.

Chargebacks, or other payment recall methods, by Credit Card or other payment types will be viewed as an indicator of fraud and elicit an automatic freeze of the account. If you are unhappy with some aspect of the service and feel you deserve your money back, please speak with us before considering a Chargeback. In almost all cases, the vast majority of what you pay us immediately gets paid to the shipping service (USPS or FedEx).

We reserve the right to open and inspect any package in your account without prior or post notification.

Upon creation of your account you will be given a unique address to ship your purchases to. This address will consist of one of Vyking’s warehouse locations along with a suite number (your account number). All packages you purchase must be sent to that address and must include:

  • Your Name
  • 3260 Gorham Ave, Ste 400
  • Your Suite Number. (This is your account number)
  • St Louis Park, MN 55426
  • USA (if necessary)

Upon opening a new warehouse, some or all customers may be offered the opportunity to move their accounts to that new location. If you choose to move your account, any packages at the previous warehouse will remain there until you ship them to yourself or to the new warehouse, both at your expense.

If it becomes necessary to move your account to a different warehouse, you will be given at least a 30 day notice of the change, longer if possible. We will move your packages from the original warehouse to the new warehouse at our expense. This notice may be less than 30 days in the case of emergency.

Failure to provide the correct address, account number, and or name repeatedly may result in a $5 fee per package assessed to your account for the time and effort determining who the package belongs to.

Vyking’s fees are posted on our website in the Services and Fees section.

Vyking’s fees are subject to change and we will give no less than 30 days notice of any fee change. Any notice of change in fees will be emailed to each account and updated on our website so as to promptly and clearly inform you of any changes so that you will be prepared.


  • If Vyking receives a package for your account and it has postage due of $10 or less, we will accept the package but assess it a fee equal to the postage due. It will be your responsibility to recoup that money from the sender. We can provide you with an image of the postage due amount, but we will not act as an intermediary for you in these matters.
  • If the postage due is more than $10, we will ask the delivery service to retry the next day; although this is no guarantee that they will. We will attempt to contact you by email so that you can decide whether or not you want to pay the postage due. If you do not wish to pay the postage due or we do not hear back from you by the time they attempt the final delivery, we will have the package returned to sender.
  • If you plan on receiving a package COD, please inform us ahead of time; depending on the amount that will be charged, we may ask you to pay for the postage before we accept it. If we have not be alerted, we will not accept the package, and it will be treated as a standard postage due.


  • Your account will have 180 days of free storage for each package.
  • After the 180 day free storage period, if the package remains in our warehouse, we will consider it abandoned and discard it and the contents. Any processing fees connected to the package will be assessed to the next outbound shipment. Any package discarded will not be retrievable.


  • If an EEI is required, we will charge $30 for its completion. For most countries the limit is $2,000, however there are a few countries that have lower limits.
  • If you need Vyking to place a package(s) on, or consolidate onto, a pallet, there will be a $40 pallet fee that will be charged to cover the cost of the pallet and additional work related.
  • If we receive a charge-back at any point, the amount that is charged-back along with the charge-back fee will be assessed to your next shipment. The vast majority of the money you will pay with our services goes directly to postage costs. If you are unhappy with some aspect of our service please contact us first before considering a charge-back. If you are thinking about doing a charge-back because the shipping service either damaged or lost your package, please reconsider as we have no control over your package after it leaves our warehouse.

You may terminate your account at any time.

Vyking may terminate your account if it has been used to perpetrate fraud or for breach of these Terms of Use.


  • Vyking and its employees are not liable for damage to your items caused by poor initial packaging from the vender, mishandling by the shipping services, or extreme fragility of the item itself. Vyking is not liable for any damage done before a package arrives at our warehouse.
  • Vyking and its employees are not liable for real or perceived losses due to delay in processing or shipping of any package or delay due to any approvals that your account requires. Additionally, if our payment processor does not allow your valid payment, we are not liable for the delay that you will experience while we try to work it out.
  • Vyking and its employees are not liable for items seized by Customs agents. Our employees are well trained as to major items that are not legal to ship but it is the customers’ responsibility to know what is not allowed to be shipped. You are responsible for knowing what items are prohibited from being shipped to/from the United States, to your country, or to any other country that you plan on shipping items to.
  • Vyking and its employees are not liable for perceived or actual losses due to packages letters that are returned to sender for whatever reason or fail to be delivered to our warehouse. Vyking and its employees are not liable for mail items that are thrown away when it appears to be junk mail.
  • If items are damaged or destroyed by Vyking, the liability for that damage will be the lesser of either our limits of liability set forth by our insurance policy, the declared value as per your customs declaration, or the price paid for the item as indicated by your original physical or electronic receipt.
  • Vyking is not liable for real or perceived losses due to the closure of an account.
  • Vyking is not liable for incorrect statements or false promises made by its customers or partners.
  • Vyking is not liable for omissions, falsified details, or mistakes made by the customer.
  • By law, Vyking will never have your credit card number on file. Access to that information is not provided to us nor are we liable if our credit card processor is compromised, however unlikely that may be.
  • Vyking is not liable for damages caused by someone else gaining access to your account.
  • Vyking is not liable for damages due to Force Majeure, including but not limited to war, embargo, natural catastrophes, riots, strikes, deep freeze, loss of power, an inability to gain access to our warehouse, or other unforeseen and unavoidable events.
  • In the event that we are legally required to cease shipments to your nation, or you as an individual, you will be responsible for coordinating the return of any packages that we are in possession of. Vyking is not liable for any damages surrounding this or any other event that legally prohibits us from functioning as intended and described on our website, in these Terms of Use, or by written or verbal communication from Vyking.
  • In the event that the United States, the USPS, or any other party that regulates our business activities, enact new regulations requiring us to operate differently or requiring us to gather more information from our customers, you will be responsible for providing the information needed. Failure to provide this information may result in a suspension of some or all account access depending on the requirements and limitations indicated in the new regulations.
  • Vyking’s website is provided “as-is” and Vyking is not liable for performance, latency, and or other connectivity issues. In the event that our website or Cost to Ship calculator grossly miss-calculates the postage for your package (more than 25% incorrect or $40, whichever is lesser), we will not honor the incorrect amount if we catch it before it is shipped out. If the postage is calculated as $0 it is the customers’ responsibility to notify Vyking before attempting to pay for and ship that package. If the customer does not notify Vyking before the package is shipped out, the correct amount of postage that would have been due will be applied to their next shipment.
  • The shipping services we use may change their postage rates at anytime. Vyking is not liable if postage goes up after we gave you a quote on postage.
  • All postage paid to and by Vyking and fees charged by Vyking are in US Dollars. Vyking is not liable nor will Vyking alter these values to reflect changes in exchange rates. We are not liable for loss if a delay in processing results in a higher total cost to you due to exchange rate changes during the delay.
  • Vyking is not liable for loss due to insufficient information being included on the shipping documents or within the package. If a shipped package is held up or returned due to one or more Customs requirements not being met, it is the responsibility of the Customer to contact their Customs and supply the needed information.
  • Vyking is not liable for any real or perceived loss due to a package being delayed or lost after it has been released to the selected shipping carrier.

April 15th, 2022: At this time, all of the carriers we send packages through have suspended service to Russia and Ukraine. We will update this as service availability changes, but we do not have any information as to when these suspensions will be lifted. We will work with all customers affected by these suspensions.

The USPS has also suspended most services to New Zealand. Packages sent through USPS or USPS through Asendia to New Zealand can only ship via Express.

USPS service to Australia has also been limited. If you are shipping through USPS or Asendia, you must select Express, First Class, or World Tracked.

Any payments received for shipping options that are not available will be refunded, and the package will be re-entered into your Vyking Ship account.

Please contact us if you have any questions. For a list of USPS service suspensions, please visit their website: