Benefits of Vyking Ship

 Save Up to 80% on International Shipping

Vyking Ship provides affordable mail and package forwarding services so you can save upto 80% on international shipping.

Receiving Mail & Parcels

At Vyking Ship we accept both mail and parcels. And since we’re cool, we also do this for free. That’s right, we don’t charge you for processing your mail and parcels into your account because that’s a complimentary free service from us to you

180 Days Free Storage

We know that having your own space in USA is brag-worthy, so we offer 180 day free storage space by default to everyone! And don’t worry, if you have items in your suite, we will send an email after ‘free days’ have expired, giving you a couple weeks to consolidate and ship.

No Sales Tax on clothes

Our warehouse’s unique location gives all our customers the facility of saving on sales tax! Yes, In Minnesota, there is a “No sales tax” policy on clothes. This also means that sometimes you can even get away with zero sales tax on sweaters, socks, jackets, scarfs, and even shoes!

Guaranteed Quick Service

If requested, we will start all additional service processing within 2 hours. If not, the processing request will be completed free of charge. Just know that we will process all requests during our working hours

No Hidden Charges

Our Shipping Calculator will quote the EXACT amount you’ll pay if you ship a package through us (as long as the information you input is correct). You will not have to pay more than the amount unless you request for more services

Customer Service

Our customer reps have shopped internationally and fully comprehend your situation. So when you contact us, be it via Live Chat, Phone or Email, we will respond and go over and beyond to serve you

Shop USA Stores
Shop USA Stores

The Vyking Ship Advantage

Consolidated Shipping Service

Vyking Ship’s consolidation shipping service saves customers up to 80% on shipping fees.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Vyking Ship offers both postal and courier services for international shipments to its customers.

Purchase Assistance Program

Whenever a US store refuses to accept you as a customer, Vyking Ship can step in and do the shopping for you.

Referral & Affiliate Program

Refer others to Vyking Ship and earn big discounts on consolidation and package forwarding services.

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9am - 5pm US Central Time, UTC-6
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Our Office

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Status Updates

September 3rd, 2021: A major update on our website has caused an error that affects the customs declaration form on some packages. If you are noticing that your customs declaration form is blank after entering your information and clicking save, please clear your browser's cache or try a different internet browser than what you normally use. If neither of these options work, please contact us so we can work on a solution for you.

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