Customs And Duties

What Is a Customs Declaration?

Declaring items you’ve purchased from the US with their proper values clarifies what you are bringing into the country. Nearly every shipment that enters a country is subject to customs duties and taxes. Consequently, each country has its own rules when it comes to the assessment of duties and taxes.

A customs declaration is an essential part of the shipping process. The customs & duty officers are responsible for making sure that prohibited & restricted items declared by their country stay out and correct customs fees and duties are paid.        

Vyking Ship Customs Declaration

Identify Customs Classification

Identifying & marking your items as merchandise, gift or document is important and goes a long way in correct calculation of customs fees. If for any reason, you can’t recall what’s inside your box, Vyking Ship can fill the form for you.

Fill In Correct Details

Filling in the declaration correctly goes a long way to help with customs clearance of your package quickly when it arrives at its destination country. It is always best to describe your items properly. This tells the personnel at the duty office what is inside the package and that you have nothing to hide. 

If the description is too vague, they will definitely open your box to check the contents. We recommend properly describing the item and inputting the actual amount you paid to avoid unnecessary delays or potential penalties for misrepresenting the contents.

Avoid Misunderstandings

Anything that is alarming becomes a clause for return without refund from customs offices. 

Keep descriptions alphanumeric, avoid symbols and use English to describe your items. It is best to avoid using trigger words; for example if you’re shipping a glue gun, call it a ‘glue dispenser’ thus avoiding the trigger word ‘gun’ altogether.  

If the item may be similar to a hazardous item, for example a water based perfume (non-flammable) to a regular perfume (flammable), make sure to describe it so that it is clear to anyone reading the description that it is not a problem.

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