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Signing up is easy. Just fill out our form and get your free USA forwarding address. You can start using your new address to send your shopping right away!

Start Combining Your Shopping

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We take a free photo of the package and shipping label for all incoming boxes and mail. And you can ship your items at our warehouse address for 180 days! Once you’re ready to forward package to your destination, you can look at our wide array of extra services to start the consolidation & repackaging process for a minimal cost.

Forward Your Package

Step 3

As soon as the processing is finished you can look at the shipping solutions we offer. Compare the shipping speed, insurance, cost, and tracking options to choose the method that is right for you. Once processed for shipping, we will notify you of the outbound tracking number.

Using Our Shipping Calculator

Its quite easy.

Just select your parcel’s destination country and city. Next, if you know your package details and dimensions, then input those and get your estimates!

Our shipping calculator will quote the EXACT amount that you’ll have to pay if you ship that package through us (as long as the information you input is correct). You will not have to pay any more than that amount unless you request us for additional services.

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Holiday 2020 Shipping Information

The 2020 holiday season is fast approaching, and the holiday season comes with increased shipping demand, leading to longer transit times.

Here are the dates recommended for each service we offer, listed by region. You should ship on or before these dates to ensure delivery by December 25th.


Africa, Central and South America: Priority Mail and First Class by November 30th, Priority Mail Express by December 7th

Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East: Priority Mail and First Class by December 7th, Priority Mail Express by December 14th


Australia/New Zealand: World Tracked and Priority by November 20th, Express by November 27th

Brazil, Europe, Asia/Pacific Rim, Canada, UK and the Middle East: World Tracked and Priority by November 20th, Express by December 2nd

Africa, Mexico and Rest of Latin America: World Tracked and Priority by November 10th, Express by November 17th

For DHL and FedEx, we recommend adding 3 business days to our shipping calculator estimates in order to ensure a timely delivery.

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