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Registering Account

Creating account with Vyking Ship is easy because we don’t ask for government IDs or use lengthy verifications. But if you still want to see how its done, here’s the guide to creating Vyking Ship account

Using Vyking Ship Dashboard

Here’s your full guide of how you can use your Vyking Ship account dashboard for shipping out your parcels.

Using Vyking Ship From Start to Finish

Not sure if using Vyking Ship is easy? Well everyone has apprehensions on how you will use the system. So, we’ve made it easy for you. Just read our guide displaying the end-to-end process

Customs & Duties

Declaring the contents of your package is an essential part of shipping because customs officers are responsible for making sure that items declared as prohibited & restricted by their country stay out. At Vyking Ship we have streamlined the process to make this easy.


Dimensional Weight Explained

The concept of dimensional weight is foreign at first, but we have a simple guide explaining the idea making it more easy to comprehend

Prohibited & Restricted Items

When it comes to the types of items we can’t ship, we have broken the types into two categories: Prohibited Items and Restricted Items.

Shipping Information, Inquiries & Claims

A complete list of the shipping methods, along with key information of inquiries & claims regarding each service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Head over to our FAQ page to know about shipping, packaging, account management, payments, fee and more.

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Status Updates

October 12th, 2021: We've received reports that some customers are unable to see DHL shipping rates. If you do not see DHL shipping rates for your package, please email our support team for further assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

November 23rd, 2021: USPS services (except for Express) are still suspended to Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Before shipping, please check the USPS database to see if services are currently suspended in your country.

We are approaching the USPS recommended ship by dates for packages to have the best chance to arrive before the Christmas holiday. Please check out our Facebook post for more information on shipping deadlines.

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