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Customs Declaration

Declaring your items is the first step in beginning the process to forward mails and parcels. Remember to be clear, descriptive and accurate when filing out the form. Mentioning the price and quantity identifies the worth and helps especially when filing claims for refund with shipping companies.

Additional Processing

Additional processing is where Vying Ship magic happens. We can do a lot of you and all you have to do is check mark everything on the list. If you don’t want any magic, we will still love you and carefully pack your belongings. Just remember to identify your item as either merchandise, gift or document.


You can request two or more packages for consolidation. You can pick ‘open & keep retail packaging’, along with your preferred shipping method, shipping address for delivery. When ready to start the final step, hit ‘consolidate’ and our friendly yet helpful warehouse staff will begin combining boxes.


For a screen by screen guide, take a look at our blog post that explains what the account opening process looks like. 

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October 12th, 2021: We've received reports that some customers are unable to see DHL shipping rates. If you do not see DHL shipping rates for your package, please email our support team for further assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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