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So the sign up is free. It has always been free and will stay free. But to get started, you need to fill the form with your name, address and contact information. Where is the magic button to register? Well its up there on the right corner.

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All our correspondence with you will happen over emails. We want you to sign up using an email address that works and ideally one that you check frequently! We also use emails to notify you of account activation, new package arrivals, processing completions, and shipping notices etc.

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The billing information / address you give us should match any payment method you plan on using with your account with Vyking Ship. If it does not match, our payment processor is going to give us an error message and there will likely be a delay in shipping while we investigate the cause of the error.

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While all our Privacy Policies and Terms of Use are available for you to read, Vyking Ship does not charge you for taxes and duties that may apply on your packages that arrive at your destination.


For a screen by screen guide, take a look at our blog post that explains what the account opening process looks like. 


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Status Updates


The USPS has recently changed their policies regarding lithium-ion batteries. Moving forward, the United States Postal Service will no longer allow the shipment of used or damaged devices containing lithium-ion batteries by air.

Ukraine USPS is the only option available, private carriers have suspended service

Russia & Belarus We have no shipping options currently

We will update this as service availability changes, but we do not have any information as to when these suspensions will be lifted. We will work with all customers affected by these suspensions.


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