One of the new age’s biggest holidays is almost here, Amazon Prime Day! It will kick off the mid-year holiday season starting July 12th and end the following day on the 14th.

So many items will be discounted, but while they’re all going to be cheaper than usual, only Jeff Bezos has enough money to buy everything on sale. To help you figure out what you will want to purchase on these two days, we’ve built a list of what you can expect to find at a low cost.

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Now back to shopping on Amazon Prime!

Shop Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime day is on July 12th till 14th – great days to shop deals on Amazon sites!

All-New Toshiba 43-inch Class V35 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV Edition

Amazon Prime Day

If you want to buy a new TV, Amazon has you covered. With many TVs already on sale, on the site, for early Amazon Prime Day deals, you can start your bargain shopping early. Quite a popular deal right now is the Toshiba 43-inch Smart HD 1080p TV – Fire TV Edition. Prime members can pay $189.99 right now compared to its original price of $299.99. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your old screen, now would be the time to pick up a new television set from Amazon.

Fire HD 10

Amazon recently released its new editions of the Amazon Fire Tablets. The Fire HD 10 and the Fire HD 10 Productivity will surely be on sale come Prime Day. If you’ve been eyeing this new device, I would encourage you to hold out just a little longer, as we should see a price cut with the Prime Day sword very soon.

Makeup Products

While Lancome is one of the best make up brands out there, we think getting the Regenerating and Replenishing Night Cream is a great buy especially during Prime Day deals.

Lancome Paris has great skin correctors, Mascaras, Concealers, Lip Colours, Foundation and Firming Creme etc.

Amazon Echo Dot

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Smart Homes and Amazon is, Alexa. If you have yet to pick up an Amazon Echo, you can be sure to find them on sale come Amazon Prime shopping season. In fact, Amazon has them on sale early, for those who can’t wait until the Prime Day. You can buy two, third-generation Echo Dots, for $50+, its a great buy.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac G20

Amazon Prime Day

If you want to spend less time vacuuming, then perhaps Amazon Prime Day will bring the chance to upgrade your home with a vacuuming robot. Last year’s Prime Day had deals on tons of different models from various companies. One, that was found to be quite popular, was the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac G20. We can expect to see it go on sale again, when the day of sales arrives.

Xbox One S

With the next-gen console right around the corner, Microsoft, will be looking to get rid of their old stock, of the previous generation console, the Xbox One S. Because of that, we will most likely see very good deals on the gaming console. Many speculate, we’ll see gaming bundles with this console as low as $200. If you want the old generation Xbox, Prime Day would be an excellent time to pick it up in preparation for the Xbox Series X/S

Amazon Halo View

If you’re late to the party, and still want to pick up an Amazon Halo View watch, then Amazon Prime shopping will be the day to do it. Halo View is counting more than just steps, its gaining key health metrics like heart rate, Activity points, Sleep score, and on-demand blood oxygen levels on the Halo View color touch display.You get movement assessment, quality of sleep, and even some great recipes for a good health. You get the usual text alerts and reminders and of course everything that Alexa can do. The coolest bit is that this fitness gadget measures your body fat percentage using just your smartphone camera and the Halo app. Not very expensive but still a great discount if you want it under $50 bucks!

Remember July 12th is the starting day for shopping Amazon Prime Day in the US, and some deals have already started.

And, now that you know what to look for, you can prepare to press the orange Buy Now button come the morning of Amazon Prime sale. If you’re planning to have any items shipped internationally, be sure to sign up for Vyking Ship, so you can save the most when utilizing our low international shipping rates along with several benefits.

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