Holiday sales shopping calendar in USA is something you should always keep near you especially if you’re targetting the discounts in USA.

As a consumer in the United States, one of the best times to shop for much needed materials is during the holiday periods. While the discounts available on items differ, they can be up to 90% on some items. However, different holiday seasons have different items with the most discounts. As a result, you are better off planning your holiday shopping activities to target the most discounted items of different months. In other words, target the ideal sales period for clothes, the ideal sales shopping calendar for non-perishable grocery items, the ideal sales period for gadgets, and so on.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity that holiday sales shopping offers, below is a list of the biggest holiday sales in the USA and the best products to buy when they happen.

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So back to holiday sales calendar in USA and what you can expect from these discount offers!

Holiday Sales Shopping Calendar

Remember our aim here to make sure to keep this holiday shopping calendar in USA handy so you get the most discounts.

January Sales

New Year’s Day & Martin Luther King Jr Day

In January, especially on New Year’s Day, retailers will largely be looking to offload their pre-holiday goods. As a result, expect them to slash humongous prices off these items. Examples include winter clothing, bedding and linen, fitness equipment, and TVs and electronics.

Naturally, they will be looking to offload winter clothing like scarves, heavy coats, winter boots, and sweaters given the fact that spring is fast approaching. With Vyking Ship’s no-sales tax on clothes policy due to the state we are in, you will get the benefit of avoiding the taxes when you ship to us.

You can also expect heavy discounts on fitness equipment as many people will be making their resolutions to exercise and get fit that early in the year.

As mentioned earlier, there will be heavy discounts on TVs and electronics, especially since the Super Bowl is not far off.

February Sales

Valentine Day

Does anyone need reminding of the 14th Feb Valenine Day? Nah!

But anyway… expect your partner to be excited about this day. The sales go up on everything especially:

  • Flowers
  • Jewelery
  • Perfumes
  • Shared Tech Devices like TV, Gaming, Earphones, Speakers.
  • Memory Creating gimmicks like cameras, frames, candles, LED decoration
  • Hotel Bookings!

Presidents Day

February hosts the Presidents Day holiday. During this period, you can expect to get massive discounts on:

  • Winter clothing left over from the preceding months
  • Jewelry and gift items for lovers – these will be especially cheap for Valentine’s Day.
  • Home and apparel sales will experience massive discounts from the weekend preceding Presidents Day
  • Television sales from the previous month.
  • Mattresses, Home Appliance and much more.

March Sales

Saint Patrick’s Day

While it is not a major sale day, Saint Patrick’s Day still offers consumers the opportunity to buy goods on the cheap. Expect discounts on outdoor apparel, party supplies, and green-themed clothing.

April Sales

Easter Day

Easter Day is one of the biggest days in Christendom. It is also one of the biggest sale days in the USA. As a result, it is a prime period for consumers to stock up on some much-needed items. What’s more? Retailers start offering discounts from the weekend leading up to Easter Day. So, there is usually around a full week available for you to make your purchases.

Items you should target during Easter sales are:

May Sales

Memorial Day and Mother’s Day

May ushers in Memorial Day and Mother’s Day.

In the days leading to Mother’s Day, you can expect to get discounts on:

  • Jewelry, perfume, Makeup, apparels, and other items that will make great gifts for mothers.
  • And over the course of the Memorial Day weekend, retailers will offer massive discounts on:
  • Appliances like refrigerators, dryers, washers
  • Home décor and furniture
  • Clothing, among others

Remember that when you purchase clothes and ship to us, you dont incur any sales tax!

June Sales

Father’s Day

The Father’s Day holiday is a prime time to score savings on items that are considered masculine and can, thus, be gifted to fathers. They include:

  • Tools – power tools, lawn mowers, tool sets, etc.
  • Grills
  • Menswear, shoes, watches, perfumes, etc.
  • Appliances like TV

Also, June is a good time to get discounts on gym memberships and restaurants.

July Sales

Independence Day

July hosts one of the biggest holidays in the United States: Independence Day. As a result, it also features some of the biggest sales. Expect retailers to have discount programs that run for as long as 10 days and offer discounts of up to 90% on certain items.

You can expect to score savings on items like:

Furniture – the Fourth of July sales heavily feature huge discounts on furniture items. So, if there is a piece of furniture you’ve been looking to add to your home, July is the perfect time to get it.

Apparels and jewelry – the Fourth of July sale period is one of the most diverse and varied sale periods in the USA. There will be massive discounts on sporting goods, fashion items, clothing, and jewelry, too.

Electronics and tech items – Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest sales the company offers, holds in July. Not only that, other electronics store, like Best Buy, offer similar events. This presents you, the consumer, with a massive opportunity to buy electronic and tech items on the cheap.

August Sales

August doesn’t have any major holiday; however, because it is back-to-school season, retailers and department stores often offer discounts on certain items. Besides, it is nearing the end of summer, and retailers will be hustling to clear their shelves of fashion items that are going out of date. So, plan to buy:

  • Summer clothing and swimwear
  • Laptops
  • Art supplies, pencils, and other school supplies

September Sales

Labor Day

September has Labor Day – a holiday for celebrating the many exploits of America’s workers. If you want to buy:

  • Mattresses
  • Old model iPhones – Apple usually announces new model iPhones in September, prompting a drop in price in old models
  • Appliances – oven, microwave, blenders, rice cookers, etc.
  • Back-to-school supplies – brands offer discounts on these items in September, too

Plan to purchase them during this period.

October Sales

Columbus Day and Halloween

While Columbus Day and Halloween aren’t major holidays, brands still offer discounts when they happen. Expect discounts on:

  • Jeans
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cozy clothing
  • Candy
  • Costumes
  • Food and Halloween-themed décor items during Halloween

November Sales

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is a big Christian holiday that precedes Black Friday. As a result, many retailers start offering promotions during this period which then spills over into Black Friday and beyond. Sales on this day can rise as high as 70%. So, keep an eye out.

More importantly, November hosts the biggest sales periods of the year: Black Friday.

During this period, retailers offer the year’s biggest discounts on virtually every product. However, the most discounted items are electronics and tech products. As a result, you can buy smart devices, TVs, laptops, accessories, and much more at heavily discounted prices.

This continues on to Cyber Monday, the official online version of Black Friday. If you intend to shop online, this is the best time to purchase all the items above as they will experience massive drops in prices.

December Sales

Christmas Day

November, through December, into January is a massive period for discounts on numerous items. However, December is the second largest sales period in the country and you can expect to get the most discounts in the days leading up to Christmas. The most heavily discounted items are usually:

  • Toys and gifts for loved ones
  • Christmas decorations like ornaments and wrapping paper, among others
  • Food
  • Mum and baby clothes
  • Fashion and apparel items

Extra Notes

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We constantly update this article to faciliatate shopping months for greater USA shopping discounts. So make sure to keep this holiday shopping calendar in USA handy so you get the most discounts.

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