Why Vyking Ship
Should be Your 1st Choice in Package Forwarding

What We Do

Vyking Ship provides affordable mail and package forwarding services to you—the international consumer shopping US websites for your personal or business needs.

Since many US-based online retailers will not ship internationally or do so at excessive rates, we will provide you with a USA address where you can have packages sent.
Once we receive your packages, you may choose from our wide array of services to get those packages forwarded from that USA address at our warehouse to your home.

We aim to be the best US mail and package forwarding service out there, and our services are designed to greatly reduce your shipping costs and provide you with the peace of mind that your items will be delivered to you quickly and safely.

We Live Customer Service

We understand your situation and concerns. We have staff who have shopped internationally and have been in your shoes.
We have clearly outlined services and honest pricing - no hidden fees or confusing services.

You Only Pay for What Your Need

Many other US forwarding companies offer “free” services. What they don’t tell you is that you pay for it in higher postage fees, which ultimately results in a much more expensive service than ours.
Our Shipping Calculator will quote the EXACT amount you’ll have to pay if you ship that package through us (as long as the information you input is correct). You will not have to pay any more than that amount unless you request for additional services.

Unique Referral Program

Do you have the means to refer hundreds of people? We have ways to make it worth your time.
Every month you will receive a coupon worth 10% of the non-postage fees the people you referred were charged.
The referral connection is permanent and you will keep earning coupons.
Tell us who referred you when you setup your account and you will receive a coupon good for $5 off your first shipment!

We Are Going to Save You A Lot of Money

No sales tax on any clothing purchases!
No sales tax on many other purchases!
International shipping costs can be huge. Many US goods are going to be cheaper to purchase and ship through us than to purchase them in your own country.
Our consolidation service is going to save you a ton of money on shipping costs, and our well-trained staff is going to treat your items with care to ensure you receive the items in the same condition that they arrived at our warehouse!

Guaranteed Quick Service

We will start all processing requests within 16 business hours (2 working days) of your requesting it. If not, the processing request will be completed free of charge.
We will ship any packages you have selected to ship (and paid for) within 8 business hours (1 work day) of the request. You will receive a
coupon for $5 your next shipment if we do not get it shipped out within that time.
We will complete any request that has been selected for Expedited Processing Plus within 2 business hours of your request. If not, the Expedited Processing Plus and request will be completed free of charge.


Very impressed and happy with their outstanding level of customer service and care, highly efficient, very professional and charge competitive rates.

Would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone needing this type of service. I even go as far as saying that if all companies' mission was the same as Vyking Shipping, I honestly believe this place would be a whole lot different.

Ignacio B.

I have nothing but high praise for Vyking Ship. I really appreciated the fact that there were no hidden / unexpected fees when I was invoiced.

Fin P.

VYKING SHIP - Probably the best international package forwarding company around! I would highly recommend Vyking Ship for their fantastic attitude & professionalism

Caryne C.

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