Do you live in Indonesia and want to shop from USA and deliver to Indonesia? If yes, Vyking Ship will forward everything you want to your country Indonesia.

Vyking Ship is a very reliable and excellent package forwarding company in the United States that combines what you want in USA and ships to countries around the world. In other words, Vyking Ship is an international shipping company that helps you get the items you shop from USA to the country of your choice.

This article focuses on how you can shop from USA and ship to Indonesia.

Let’s go!

How to Use Vyking Ship Services and Ship to Indonesia

Let’s walk you through how you can use Vyking Ship for all your international shipping needs.

Step One: Register on Vyking Ship

To get started, you need to set up an account with Vyking Ship.

You’ll get a welcome email along with you free USA address. This USA mailing address will be what you provide to merchants as your shipping address when you shop. Thus, ensuring your package is appropriately forwarded to Vyking Ship’s warehouse.

Step Two: Shop in United States

You can begin shopping in USA online stores and when they require you to insert your address, give them Vyking Ship’s USA address that the company has sent you. Make sure to use the exact suite number.

If you face any trouble with payments, get in touch with the customer service section on Vyking Ship website. They will guide you through and help with the delivery problems and payment issues.

To give you an idea, Vyking Ship has a service called ‘purchase assitance‘ it is when you cannot pay for items on a store so you ask the customer service to buy on your behalf. There is a fee, but you get the work done.

Vyking Ship is also partnered with US Unlocked, which is a payment card that gives you the freedom to buy things in USA – we recommend you speak to US Unlocked if you have questions about their card.

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Step Three: Using Vyking Ship

Vyking Ship will inform you via email about your arriving packages. And we think you should use this time to gather customs duty information because the import duty will depend on this.

Vyking Ship will put your arrival parcels through a check-in process and if you want you can get pictures taken of the items.

Vyking Ship will need information about type of shipment it is going to be and what is the cost of goods. You can

Now that your package is with Vyking Ship, it is time to declare its content. There are three ways to do this: custom declaration, additional processing, and shipping options.

Customs duty declaration is mandatory for all international shipments. It involves declaring the nature of shipment and the items in the package.

To declare the other items in the package, click on “Add Item.”

After declaring all the items in the package, click “Save” to complete the process. This will activate the “Shipping Options” process, thus enabling you to continue processing the shipping.

Unlike customs duty declaration, additional package processing is voluntary. It involves specifying the additional services you want Vyking Ship to do for you.

There are several extra services which Vyking Ship offers its loyal customers, such as detail pictures of items, quick processing, removing price tags and invoices, combining items to save on space and repackaging to make sure the smallest possible box is used for your shipment.

Vyking Ship also has a service for customized instructions. This is a very useful service espeically if you need them to power-on, test or check items for damages. Each of these services have a cost attached but since its a small fee and you are far away, might as well get the helpful customer service reps to handle your purchases with care.

If there is any problem, you can ask the reps to return items too!

Once you are ready to start the shipping process, just start adding your packages to cart to and proceed to the final step.

Step Four: Ship to Indonesia

Once the staff of has finished combining your purchases, you will be able to pick a shipping method, insurance, and shipping address.

Process your payment and wait for Vyking Ship to send you the tracking number. Remember there can be a custom duty fee at the Indonesian end.

Benefits of Using Vyking Ship

Vyking Ship being a freight forwarder offers numerous benefits for its customers which are both individuals and businesses or drop shippers!

Registering on Vyking Ship is absolutely free. Also, there are no hidden charges anywhere. You can look at our About page and see how we’ve progressed over the years, adding more discounts to shipping cost and moving to bigger warehouse as well.

The biggest selling point for Vyking Ship remains to be our free address in United States, no sales tax on clothes which means scraves, jackets, pants, sweaters, shirts, socks… and even shoes! The free 180 day storage space for your goods is an added perk.

To some extend we help you out with dangerous goods like Lithium-ion batteries, cargo, pallet and even sea freight.

Partnering with FedEx, DHL and USPS gives us the unique edge of forwarding discounts on various shipping rate. Delivery days vary of course because Indonesian custom will also take a day ot two for customs clearance of your parcel.

We are a parcel and mail forwarding company shipping to Indonesia. Hence, you can do more than forward package to Indonesia, you can forward mails as well.

Regardless of the service you choose, we guarantee to process your requests within two days after you request it. And if we fail to get it processed, then we will offer the service for free.


Shipping to Indonesia from USA is easy and straightforward with Vyking Ship. We have very good relations with the Indonesian authorities. If your destination country is some other, then too we offer full support if you require it.

The best part is, we are transparent with our fees. As such, we have no hidden charges in delivery, consolidation or repackaging.

Owing to our efficient nature, we recommend that you use Vyking Ship for all your mail and parcel forwarding needs when shipping to Indonesia.